To put it delicately, the website and its audience were not impressed. The io9 post reportedly extends coverage already given to the Rategh on Twitter, where it was described as a “Batmobile on crack” and the “evil twin of Harry Potter’s Knight Bus.” The author of the web post added that looks like a “stretch limo for a post-Apocalyptic warlord.”

He also added a picture of a seaplane called the Bavar 2 that was unveiled in a previous year, along with an analyst’s description of how ineffectual the supposedly advanced weapon was, and how silly it looks.

In the site’s comment section, various readers added their own disparaging comments about the vehicles, which were unveiled with the intention of showing the strength of the Islamic Republic, but which have seemingly had the opposite effect of showing that Iranian defense manufacturers are prone to desperately jury-rigging cheap vehicles in order to look more impressive than they are.