The Iranian lieutenant colonel, identified as Mahmoud A., arrived recently in Lebanon, ” is expected to be involved in a series of changes and new appointments in a number of leading security posts, as well as reorganizing groups and cells,” the report said.

According to the information made available to Daily Star, Hezbollah arrested one of its field commanders in Syria, after it was alleged that he has played a role in leaking information to foreign agents

Hezbollah has suffered heavy losses in fighting for the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Although the organization has tried prevent the media from reporting on the coffins of its members arriving from Syria, their arrival has been widely published in local media.

Hezbollah is under tremendous domestic pressure in Lebanon to withdraw from Syria.

Meanwhile the Daily Star report said “a number of Iranian military officials reached Yabroud to study how the geography of the area can be exploited in the future. Hezbollah sources believe the city could be a valuable launching pad for military operations toward Rankous and Flita, as well as a strategic stronghold vis-a-vis the Lebanese village of Arsal.”