This brings the total number of martyrs identified to 222. The latest figures state that at least 750 protesters have been slain by the regime’s security forces over the past 18 days of protests, while 4,000 were wounded, and 12,000 have been arrested. 

The MEK stressed that these figures should be regarded as a minimum because the regime is enforcing a cloak of secrecy around the protests and their internet blackout is still in place in many areas of Iran. 

They wrote: “The faction affiliated with the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, agencies controlled by his office and the IRGC as well as the faction affiliated with Hassan Rouhani, the Interior and the Intelligence ministries are doing their utmost to conceal the scope of the violent and deadly suppression of the Iranian people’s uprising and the actual number of those killed and arrested.” 

Worse still, the method of concealing the regime’s crimes is particularly heinous. The bodies of the fallen are being moved from hospitals or the location of their death and buried in mass graves with no record of their names, no attempt to inform the families, and the gravesite is covered up quickly. 

The Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi wrote on Twitter: “Unfortunately, the international community has not responded properly to the crimes against humanity currently going on in Iran. Crimes against humanity during the November 2019 uprising is being led by the same officials responsible for the 1988 massacre.” 

She urged the United Nations Security Council, the Secretary-General, the Human Rights Council and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well the EU and its member states to take immediate measures to stop the suppression by the Iranian regime. 

The protest, which began over the tripling of fuel prices overnight, quickly spread to 187 cities and took on the mantle of regime change by and for the people. The mullahs are terrified about the real opportunity the Iranian people have to overthrow them, so they launched a massive crackdown, arresting so many that there is no room in prisons and the detainees have to be kept in government buildings, and even schools. 

Rajavi tweeted: “This uprising will carry on until it overthrows the entire clerical regime; this uprising will continue until freedom and popular sovereignty are established in Iran.”