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INU - Foreign policy in the United States took a major turn when President Trump took office, especially when it comes to the Islamic Republic or Iran. It was obvious this would be the case because, even before he was elected, Trump criticised Obama’s treatment of Iran and had nothing positive to say about the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

After dropping bombs near local ground forces south of the town of Tabqah, which is supported by the United States, an American F/A-18 shot down a Syrian fighter jet.

On Tuesday, Majed Faraj, Palestinian intelligence chief, voiced his criticism over Hamas’ involvement in the crisis in the region, saying that their participation is unwarranted. It is believed that Faraj’s complaint was a thinly-veiled hint to the recent diplomatic crisis with Qatar.

The Syrian war left behind terrible economic devastation, and Iranian property buyers are reportedly attempting to capitalize on this. Families left destitute by war are tempted by bids that have swept much property into Iranian ownership.

By INU Staff

INU - For the first time since the war began in Syria, it seems that the Iranian-backed militants have provided a land route from Iran to Syria's Mediterranean coast. This new route will allow the Iranian regime to provide its allies in Syria through land instead of air that is both simpler and cheaper.

President Barack Obama viewed the conflicts in the Middle East as having their roots in the previous Western colonialism. Additionally he viewed American military use as an incentive for countries like Iran to oppose the U.S. using such means as terrorism. So, President Obama adjusted his foreign policy, believing that openness would be rewarded with cooperation and civility. This belief was the reason the nuclear agreement with the Iranian regime was established and caused him to grant concessions to secure the deal. However, he overlooked such issues as Iran’s support for terror and its human rights record.

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