The deputy to the governor of Mazandaran admitted that there has been tension in the area and confirmed that several people have been killed or injured. However, he denied that the issue was anything to do with disputes over land. He said: “There is tension in the region. The airbase security unit opened fire, leaving two people killed and four wounded. After this incident, the city council held a session followed by a similar meeting of the provincial council.”

However, this is contrary to what was reported in local media. The Fars news agency that has close ties to the notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said that the incident came about because of land ownership disputes and disagreements in the region of Mahmoud Abad, a farming and fishing town in the province.

The news agency explained that members of the army air force were preparing to build a fence around an airstrip located inside the army base when local people started to protest and throw chains, sticks and stones. Fars said that the guards, who were armed at the time, responded to the protesters by opening fire on them.

Furthermore, Fars news agency corroborated the reports that a handful of people had been injured or killed, but it added that a number of people were arrested. It also described the protesters as “hoodlums” and said that they had been “hired”.

IRNA news agency that is run by the state also reported about the incident. It wrote that a court in the province had ruled in the favour of the local residents, judging that the air force should vacate the land that it is occupying there.

In the meantime, the main opposition to the Iranian regime, the PMOI / MEK, has revealed a number of sites that are very suspicious and seem to be used as training camps for terrorists.

The regime’s terrorist activity has been increasing and last year alone there were a series of foiled plots in Europe. Had the plots not been foiled, there could have been a high number of casualties and fatalities.

The European governments, despite the action on their soil, have been very appeasing towards the Iranian regime. The people of Iran and the main opposition to the Iranian regime have been calling on European leaders to put more and more pressure on the Iranian regime. They know that there is no chance of change if governments remain silent.

The Trump administration, on the other hand, has been putting Iran through a maximum pressure campaign. The people welcome this action as they know it will precipitate the regime’s collapse.