Earlier today, September 12, the Iranian regime shocked the Iranian people as well as the people around the world with the secret and hasty execution of Navid Afkari, a famous Iranian wrestling champion who was just 27 seven years old, despite all the international pleas to prevent this execution. In the end, the regime did not show mercy. Iran watchers say the regime’s decision to execute people who were arrested during the anti-government protests is an attempt at preventing any further protests.

This morning, after the execution of Navid Afkari in Adelabad prison in Shiraz, his family took action to receive the body of their son.

But the regime’s agents and intelligence forces have told the family that they will deliver Navid’s body on the condition that they promise not to announce it anywhere and bury him without a ceremony or drawing attention, within an hour and in the presence of only a small number of family members.

The family has been threatened that if they hold a ceremony for him, they will not return the body to them. However, as of this writing, the family has not been able to retrieve his body.

Other reports indicate that Navid was not allowed to visit his family for the last time before his execution. While even by the regime’s own laws, any death row inmate can meet his family before the execution.

Other news from Shiraz indicates that a large number of people and relatives of Navid went to his father’s house to console and express their disgust with Navid’s execution. People have asked the public to come to his father’s house, which is located at the Baskul Nader in the Macvandi Alley.

A message from the political prisoners of the Greater Tehran Prison against the execution of Navid Afkari

Our message, a group of political prisoners in Greater Tehran Prison, after the execution of Navid Afkari addressed to our beloved people and his grieving family is: ‘Do not be silent.’ Our solution with this repressive and deadly regime is resistance and rebellion.

This time, the Velayat-e-Faqih dictatorship executed Navid Afkari again in fear of an uprising. We, a group of political prisoners in Greater Tehran Prison, condemn the execution of the heroic Iranian athlete Navid Afkari. We heard about his execution. But we have no doubt that the youth and athletes of our country are responding to this execution with more protests and uprisings, as we approach the anniversary of the November 2019 uprising.

The tyrannical rulers, in fear of new uprisings, which this time will, of course, lead to their overthrow, to create an atmosphere of suffocation and terror among the free athletes of our country, have killed Navid Afkari.

Navid was martyred while saying before his martyrdom: ‘People of Iran, silence means supporting the suppression of the oppressor and supporting the execution of an innocent person. People do not keep silent.’

We, the political prisoners in the Greater Tehran Prison, condemn the execution of Navid, who stood up in front of the tyranny of the Velayat-e Faqih and did not give up. And we call on all the people of Iran not to remain silent and to resonate the death of the dictator by coming to the streets and shouting for freedom.

Collective message from political prisoners of Karaj Central Prison against the execution of Navid Afkari

The mullahs of the Velayat-e-Faqih system committed another crime. It seems that after the massacre of 30,000 innocent political prisoners in 1988, they have become so disgraced that they no longer shy away from any crime. Today, another young man was handed over to the gallows because of protesting. Because Khamenei (the regime’s supreme leader) and Raisi (head of the regime’s Judiciary) know very well that the only way to save their corrupt rule is to kill the youths and suppress the freedom-seekers.

Now, as we, as a group of political prisoners in Karaj Central Prison, who are behind bars for insurgency and freedom-seeking, say to the rebellious youth of our country that the response to the execution of the young rebel and wrestler Navid Afkari must be promised on the one hand by insurgency and uprising, and on the other hand with fire.

Turn every city, street, and alley into a fireplace against the criminal Khamenei regime. We started, we continue with our lives under torture and the death penalty, and we will finish the work completely by overthrowing this regime.

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