Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani came once again to the stage. And this time with a strange plan which he called “National Plans of Knowledge based and Technical” in his pocket. In what observers say is yet another lie, Rouhani said about these projects:

“These plans making us needless from the imports of many products. In the vaccine section, there is a major evolution in the country. In particular, we are among the firsts in some areas in West Asia.”

This of course is a stupid claim because previously Alireza Zali, Chief of Staff of Tehran’s Coronavirus Taskforce said: “Vaccination of treatment staff in Tehran has not yet reached 30 percent.”

He emphasized that the amount of vaccine entered is not enough for vaccination of the treatment staff who are 750,000.

Rouhani delivered another lie and said: “One day we thought that there is no pressure on health and treatment because of the sanctions. Even the ones in the world who are very bad headmen, made medicine and treatment as an exception. But Trump goes far beyond all these headmen. He committed a complete and full-scale sanction against our nation. Even to buy the flu and coronavirus [vaccines], did not accept any facility for Iran, and we tolerated many hardships for the exchange of the money of the COVAX vaccine.”

Rouhani seemingly forgot that before these remarks, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei prohibited the entry of the British and American vaccines into the country. Observers argue this is a deliberate maneuver and he is trying to show himself as the oppressed and the main culprit to be other nations with their sanctions and not the Iranian authorities themselves with their cruel policy against the people.

Then he found another culprit and said: “Anti-Iranian media induces that Iran did not do anything in the subject of the vaccine. While all countries are busy with the vaccines today and the production of vaccines in the world is low. The sabotages of the Americans caused that our turn on the COVAX to be delayed. And Trump must be insulted. While anti-Iran and anti-Iran’s people media lying, that the delaying factor in the purchase of vaccine are the government and the central bank.”

It is true that the quantity of the vaccine in the world is low, but if we look at other countries, this truth comes to light that most other countries are far ahead in the vaccination of their people, and Iran’s rank is at the end of the statistic table.

Then to calm down the people’s fury, he added: “Nothing precedes the vaccine. If anywhere exist a vaccine, we will prepare the money and will import it. Two or three months when the foreign vaccine arrived and the domestic vaccine reaches mass production, ill-wishers will be left in shame.”

But the truth is that behind such claims is the government’s fears of the people’s fury and protests. Because the people of Iran do not trust this rule anymore.