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In a recent statement, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated, “I do not fear Trump. We must thank the new American president because he showed the real face of America and because he exposed what we have been saying for decades about the political, moral and economic corruption in it.” 

Turki Aldakhil, General Manager of Al Arabiya News Channel, writes on February 14, “Yes, we’re passing through a new phase. There has been a major transformation following the reactive years of isolationism which show the depth of the roots that America has returned to in terms of engaging with world crises and contributing to managing its development.”

The influential academic and politician Fouad Ajami hoped for, and passed away heartbroken, calling the former administration “hopeless”, as it neglected to manage the concept of the ‘world order.’

The legacy of its predecessor regarding Iran weighs heavily on current the US administration. Ballistic missile development went unchecked during the Obama administration. The main source of terrorism in the region is Iran, and its involvement in Syria has awakened sectarianism in the region.

It is time to discipline the political rebellion represented by Iran’s regime.

James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, US Secretary of Defense, stated that Iran sponsors terrorism across the world. The White House announced that all options, including military intervention, are on the table. This new rhetoric has shaken Iran. The regime is shocked because the old strategic facilitations no longer work. 

The legacy Trump inherited must be dealt with, beginning with besieging the terrorism of the Iranian regime. Aldakhil says that Iran killed the largest number of Americans in Beirut, Tehran and Saudi Arabia, and that the Iranian regime is skilled at blowing up embassies, and masters executions, murder, and assassinations.

The Revolutionary Guards’ cadres comments and their reaction to Trump’s statements against Iran’s terrorism resulted in Hamid Reza, the media and cultural consultant of the Revolutionary Guards, angrily saying that “the new US president has begun his presidential term with a heated media fuss, just like what America witnessed during his electoral campaign that stirred controversy in the American and global political scene due to the vagueness of his future plans and political orientations on the local and international levels.”  Reza added that Trump’s recent statements, claiming it’s important to be more accurate when monitoring Tehran’s activity after it conducted a successful missile experiment, confirms that all options are on the table.

Trump has been very clear about being different from his predecessor. He  said that the display of kindness is over. However, Iran and its axis continue their wishful thinking.

Bush coined the famous term “Axis of Evil” which included Iran, during a speech on January 29, 2002, saying that it represents terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and organized work to carry out violent practices that oppose international agreements. Trump’s administration focuses on Iranian terrorism as it seeks to restore the firm position associated with the Bush administration.

The Iranian regime is experiencing a  phase of domestic unrest. It is faced with an economic crisis, with growing poverty and unemployment. Still, it is spending tens of billions on the leaders and commanders of the Revolutionary Guards, who receive wages that are enough to support an entire state. Iran engages in wars in Yemen, Syria,  even Iraq.

The era of appeasing the Houthis, and former Secretary of State, John Kerry’s plan, are over. Trump and his team believe the Houthis are a terrorist group. This is a time of transformation, and of restoring prestige to nations so each country retreats to its borders. 

The Supreme Leader’s threats to Trump are pointless.


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