As usual, the sources of the report are agents of the MOIS who are portrayed as “former members of MEK” to give credibility to the article.

After repeating all the allegations of the MOIS against the MEK, Linda Pressly in her piece claims that “The BBC was not able to put any of this to the MEK, because the organization refused to be interviewed.”

But she refuses to mention that she was at the MEK compound in Albanian and talked to the representatives of the MEK for over 5 hours and was offered to stay as long as she wished and talk to anyone in private and visit anywhere she desired. This fact was mentioned in The National Council of Resistance of Iran’s  Security and Counter-terrorism Committee’s (NCRICT) statement which in part reads:

“In her report, the BBC’s Linda Pressly says that the PMOI refused to be interviewed for her program. She has deliberately chosen not to report that she and another BBC colleague were the guests of the PMOI at their home, Ashraf-3, for five-and-a-half hours. During the meeting, the PMOI representatives told her that she could stay at Ashraf-3 as long as she wanted, privately talk to anyone and visit anywhere she so desired. The PMOI representatives also told her not to expect the PMOI to be part of a program that was wittingly or unwittingly based on an MOIS script. They also told her that they should not be expected to be part of a program that also included individuals whose objective and mission is collecting intelligence and assisting the Iranian regime to conduct terrorist operations against the PMOI. No one would have criticized German, British, French, and American freedom fighters and patriots for refusing to appear alongside Nazi collaborators.”

She also was aware of the sources of her report and the reason MEK representatives didn’t accept to be interviewed by her and be part of this piece, as she was clearly preparing a piece to mollify the mullahs.   

“The mudslinging by the current functionaries of the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), disguising themselves as PMOI’s “former members,” have repeatedly been exposed by irrefutable documents and evidence, and condemned, as was the case in a German court’s ruling against Der Spiegel for regurgitating similar smears. The repetitive scheme by the MOIS to tarnish the image of the PMOI in Albania is intended to set the stage for more terrorist acts against the Iranian Resistance,” NCRICT’s statement reads. 

She also was aware that the main purpose of the demonization campaign of the Iranian regime by the so-called “former members” against the MEK was to pursue terrorist plots against the MEK. Just a week before her visit to Albania, the Albanian Police exposed the details of the clerical regime’s terrorist plots against the MEK in Albania through the services of “former MEK members.” 

Once again the piece, which is full of the same lies of the Iranian regime and its notorious MOIS, proves that the Iranian people are very cognizant of BBC’s intentions in its reports in favor of this brutal regime and that is why in Iran this agency is called “Ayatollah ‌BBC”.

The Iranian regime is engulfed in internal and external crises. The continuing uprisings in Iraq and Lebanon as the strategic depth and pillars of the regime, growing international sanctions, and the rise of Iranian people’s protests against the regime, pose an unprecedented challenge to regimes’ survival.

Under such circumstances, the mullahs have only one way out of this crisis, and that is to eliminate their main opposition to make it appear as though that there is no alternative to their regime and that the West is better served by continuing the policy of appeasement. This is the reason the mullahs need to demonize the MEK as their main opposition group and by doing so to step up their terrorist activities against the MEK. This is where BBC comes to help the ayatollahs under the disgraced banner of “former MEK members.”

Shame on you, Ayatollah BBC.