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INU - On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May visited a summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council being held in the Bahraini capital of Manama. She used the opportunity in part to reassure the Gulf Arab powers over their nervousness about rising levels of Iranian power and influence in the region. In the context of meetings aimed at bolstering post-Brexit trade with Saudi Arabia and its regional partners, the British PM promised that her country would help to push back against Iranian aggression, as by encouraging the Islamic Republic to curtail its involvement in the civil wars in Syria and Yemen.

In his article for The Nation, James Carden writes about President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of retired General James N. Mattis  for Secretary of Defense. 

Choosing Mattis has caused concern for some in Washington. The last time a retired general served as defense secretary was in 1950, when George C. Marshall, former Army chief of staff and, later, secretary of state held the post. Some worry that Trump’s choice of Mattis may undermine the American principle of civilian control of the armed.

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INU - On Monday, Reuters reported that the European Union had reacted defiantly to the expected plans of the American president-elect regarding future dealings with Iran. A gathering of European foreign ministers yielded a statement in which they collectively affirmed their “resolute commitment” to the Iran nuclear agreement, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. As a candidate for

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INU - On Thursday, Fox News provided some hint of the Iranian reaction to this week’s election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. The report quoted General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri, the overall head of the Iranian armed forces, as calling Trump a “joke” and a person prone to talking nonsense. Although this is only the commentary of one member of the Iranian leadership, it is in keeping with previous statements by such figures as President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who had levied equivalent criticisms on both American presidential candidates before Tuesday’s election.

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INU - It has previously been reported that Iranian officials, particularly Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, have weighed in on the contentious US presidential election that will be decided at the polls in the coming week. It has also been reported that the Iranian regime apparently also made a policy of using that campaign to promote negative perceptions of the American political process among the Iranian citizenry.

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INU -  In an article by Adelle Nazarian on October 30, 2016 in Breitbart, tens of thousands of Iranians from all across the country, gathered together at the tomb of King Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae on Friday morning, the anniversary of his birthday, to protest the clerical regime’s policies.


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