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Following the distribution of spoiled milk in a girls' high school in the city of Chadegan in Esfahan province, 20 students of the school were poisoned and sent to hospital.

It has been reported that there is an award of more than one billion Tomans for the murder of British author Salman Rushdie. This was announced on the anniversary of Khomeini’s apostasy verdict against Rushdie at the Fourth Exhibition of the Islamic Revolution's Digital Media.

On Sunday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) - a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee - spoke about plans to introduce legislation that give the possibility of enforcing more sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Based on the latest statistics, every year between 2 to 3 thousand children become victims of road and driving accidents in Iran. Officials acknowledge that if people use special car seats for children, this figure can be reduced by 80 per cent.

By INU Staff 
INU - Ever since Donald Trump won the American presidency, there have been serious questions about the survival of the Iran nuclear deal that was spearheaded by his predecessor. Trump publicly regards the deal as one of the worst ever negotiated, and he originally promised to simply tear up the agreement, although this promise appears to have moderated since he took office in January. Still, there is considerable speculation that his initial moves to confront the Islamic Republic of Iran could have the effect of forcing the deal’s failure. In fact, it is possible that this outcome is specifically intended.

The newly elected US President’s administration imposed sanctions on Iranian entities involved in weapons procurement last month. This occurred just two days after Donald Trump officially put the regime “on notice” for ballistic missile tests. 


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