As Iran tests Trump, IRGC should be designated as an FTO


That Iranian forces have harassed U.S. Naval forces in the international waters of the Persian Gulf, demonstrates that Iran’s leadership is prepared to test the new Trump administration on its commitment to confront Iran when it fails to meet its obligations under the JCPOA (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), as well as violations of United Nations sanctions, or engagement in destabilizing activities in the region.

The Iranian Internet: A Constantly Shifting Cultural Battleground

By INU Staff 
INU - Iran News Update previously reported that the Islamic Republic of Iran had apparently, although without official comment, lifted some restrictions on the Twitter social media network. Shortly thereafter, former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad joined the service, despite the Twitter ban having been a response to the 2009 protests against his disputed reelection.

Iran Faces Increasing Isolation


 With a growing number of countries voicing concerns about Tehran’s policies, Iran is experiencing international and regional isolation. The end of Barack Obama’s presidency signaled the end of a “golden era” for Iran, and a major shift in the balance of power.

Tehran Relies of Propaganda to Make Up for Misallocation of Funds to Foreign Conflicts


On Friday, Reuters picked up on reporting in Iranian state media which noted that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had once again voiced criticism of President Hassan Rouhani’s handling of the nation’s economy following the nuclear agreement that went into effect at the beginning of last year. The supreme leader’s remarks appeared to specifically highlight the ongoing struggles of the Iranian people, who are experiencing poverty at a rate of at least nine percent and likely much higher.

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