Iran’s Military Celebrations Highlight Dubious Claims of Advancement

By INU staff

INU - On Tuesday, September 23, Iranian state media announced that the country’s military was unveiling a new model of missile-equipped drone. Deputy Foreign Secretary General Amir Hatami was quoted by Fars news agency as saying that “the research, experimentation, and testing phases have been completed” and that the aircraft are prepared to go into service to add to Iranian air defenses.

12-Month Report Card: Iran under Hassan Rouhani- 3 June 2014

Foreign Policy

 In Rouhani’s government the policy of meddling in other countries and exporting terrorism and fundamentalism has intensified each day.

 The US State Department recently reported that the Iranian regime remains a major supporter of terrorism and continues to challenge requests to prove its nuclear ambitions are peaceful. The State Department added that Tehran is pressing its support of Palestinian terrorist groups and strengthening its presence in Africa, and attempting to smuggle weapons to separatists in Yemen and Bahrain.

12-Month Report Card: Iran under Hassan Rouhani- Part 2 June 2014


Repression and execution have intensified under Hassan Rouhani’s tenure, provoking immense international concerns.

 1. Execution

On March 16, 2014, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon expressed concerns over the soaring rate of executions in Iran – including as many as 675 last year – and said in a report to the UN Human Rights Council,“The new government has not changed its approach regarding the application of the death penalty and seems to have followed the practice of previous administrations, which relied heavily on the death penalty to combat crime.”

12-Month Report Card: Iran under Hassan Rouhani June 2014


 Hassan Rouhani was “elected” as the President on June 15, 2013.According to reports published by Iranian regime officials and by domestic and international media, the economic, political and social situations have all deteriorated in Iran during the past year, under Hassan Rouhani’s government. Of course, official data in Iran is very often tinged with propaganda, and the crises facing the regime are much more extensive than has been reported domestically. Nevertheless, the regime’s press provides an introductory look at these issues. In a series of special reports we will examine his record from various aspects: 

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