On the anniversary of Iran’s revolution in 1979, the day after that the regime’s founder Ruhollah Khomeini dominated a destructive dynasty and spread a history of total depravity and distrust, now at the final stages of this regime, one of the regime’s main functions of destruction and poisoning is acknowledged by the Rouhani government’s intelligence minister.

Mahmoud Alavi gave a coup de grace to all the 42 years of propaganda of the Islamic Republic against the freedom fighters and specifically against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK/PMOI) and exposed the regime’s satanic propaganda.

NCRI, the Main Target of Tehran’s Terror Machine

Alavi, the mullahs’ minister of intelligence, was finally forced to admit that all their propaganda that was made and shown against the MEK under the guise of ‘movies’ was under the supervision, control and financing of the notorious Ministry of Intelligence.

He said: “Based on my experiences in the ministry, we involved the ministry in the production of films and serials. Achieve public education to protect society against espionage and intelligence goals with films and serials.

“The films Rubah, the story of Nimroz, cyanide, Emkan-e-Mina, Day Zero, the Night When the Moon Was Full and the series of puzzles, the dream that was interpreted, the thief of the soul, the safe house, were the products, what we did with the cooperation of our loved ones.”

This is the unveiling of the projections of the supreme leader, who for four decades has been ‘constantly falsifying the past history, falsifying the present’ and cannot breathe except with ‘living in a lie.’

This confession must be extended to all the actions of this regime in order to know the totality of a 42-year-old propaganda machine. Knowledge that in order not to be deceived by this propaganda, which is a national and patriotic necessity and also one of the important requirements for denying the totality of the dictatorship of Velayat-e-Faqih (clerical rule).

In parallel with this important confession, it is recalled that last week, during the investigation and final verdict of the Belgian court in Antwerp, it became clear to the world that the international terrorism of the mullahs with executive arms and hiring mercenaries all over the world, all of them operate under the supervision of the embassies of the regime.

Now, Alavi’s inevitable confession about producing all kinds of movies and TV documentaries against the Iranian resistance, the People’s Mojahedin Organization should be considered the address for the production of hundreds of books, magazines and dozens of similar exhibitions of these movies.

This is the hidden part of the billion-dollar dynasty of the Ministry of Intelligence in order to tarnish the image of those who are stable on the principle of denying the Velayat-e-Faqih system and to confuse the minds of Iranians against them.

Alavi’s inevitable confession is the punishment of organized evil against a resistance that has no ambition, except that it has maintained the honor of stability and enlightenment on the ‘path of truth and freedom’ in a great, complex and difficult struggle.