The coronavirus pandemic conditions in Iran are very worrying. This is not only the opinion of the experts outside Iran, but even now this is what the regime’s official are themselves warning about. According to Minoo Mohrez, there is no other place in Iran where someone is not hospitalized.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health says the record is unprecedented. The country is lacking enough ICUs. The governor of Khorasan said that they have more than 5,000 deaths. That is, there is no doubt that the fourth wave of coronavirus in Iran is very intense, with which the relative control that the government thought be able to have, is now out of control.

The internet daily Faraz wrote: “Mohrez believes that the current situation in Iran should be described as a catastrophe because hospitals do not have a place to hospitalize patients, and on the other hand, due to lack of proper management by the government and the Ministry of Health, this process will continue.” (Faraz, April 19, 2021)

And the first thing that the regime is doing is to stitch up the mouths of those who want to speak about this dark situation. This exactly what Iraj Harirchi, Director of National Center for Fight with Coronavirus once said: “They said, that they want to shout our mouths with textile, because the subject is political for the government.”

One of the biggest lies of the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei and his president Hassan Rouhani was showing this subject as unimportant, and minimized it, and did not control it from the first beginning. They did not quarantine Qom as the source of the spread and did not stopped the country’s flights.

And as many officials later said that Iran is one of the main sources of the prevalence of the coronavirus in the world. Then worse Khamenei prevented the import of the vaccine from the US and UK.

From the 80 million people of Iran, if only 50-60 percent of them receive the vaccine the country will become safe, and the virus’s spread will be stopped. If we assume the price of any vaccine for this 50-60 million people would be $5 to $6, the final price will be around 200 to 360 million dollars. And this is much less than Khamenei’s wealth which is estimated around $90 billion.

The first reason the coronavirus situation in Iran is so bad is Khamenei’s political and security use of this virus, according to dissidents. He is using it as the mass destruction weapon to prevent the people’s protests and making the people busy with it.

Many media of other countries wrote that the regime is following social and political goals which are not matching with the control of the pandemic. That means, it is not synchronized with the public health policies.

If they the regime’s officials want, they can slow down the virus immediately. Neither the costs are heavy for them, nor are they facing problems in terms of human power and resources.

But their priority are subjects like their war in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. With the current speed the vaccination in Iran could take years. If one do not act as soon as possible, the virus will mutate and will make the situation worse.

And now the regime has decided to take money from the people for the vaccination.

Alireza Raisi, spokesman for the National Coronavirus Taskforce, said on April 18, 2021: “According to the announced policies, all people will be vaccinated free of charge until the end of the year, but if it is the time to receive the vaccine in the national vaccination document of an individual as a sample in December, he / she can get the vaccine earlier by paying a fee.” (Hamshahri Online, April 18, 2021)

Interestingly, the regime-affiliated Red Crescent announced at the same time: “The organization will import the coronavirus vaccine in the coming days, but these vaccines will not be free.” (Hamshahri Online, April 18, 2021)

The state-run daily Aftab-e-Yazd wrote: “If such a policy is implemented, it raises the question of whether the government will find a new market after the foreign exchange and stock markets to take money from the people? Finally, it should be said that the statements of Raisi and Jahanpour are another clear symbol of the confusion, disorganization and contradiction of the authorities in the face of the coronavirus crisis and, of course, vaccination.” (State-run daily Arman, April 18, 2021)