The Iranian government has burned the country’s soil, and while it is nearing its end its officials are becoming more hideous. One of these persons is president Hassan Rouhani, who like the regime’s supreme leader cannot stop lying and has a special interest and specialty in it.

Government officials blame all the country’s problems on the ‘global arrogance’, i.e. the US government, with the UK following it. But they fail to confess their own responsibility for all these disasters.

So, now when the people’s tables and pockets are empty, million of the youths are jobless, the retirees after a long life hard work are forced to protest for their minimum wages which are three times less than the poverty line, and the coronavirus is crushing the country and the people while the government is trying to sell the vaccine instead of being free, and the country is facing with negative economic growth, inflation, poverty and misery etc., all of these are portrayed as the system’s ‘goodwill’ and the people are not allowed to complain.

Rouhani on April 20, 2021 said: “In the past three years, the enemies of this land have been seeking to create a famine in the country through economic warfare. The government did not allow this demand of the enemy to be fulfilled by providing and distributing enough goods in the country.” (ISNA, April 20, 2021)

But one state-run outlet recently exposed the government’s hands in the starvation of the people.

“Now that the government hands are cut off the oil export revenue and cannot subsidize enough wheat and flour, and for political reasons does not want to lose its monopoly on the purchase of domestically produced wheat, the flour and wheat smuggling process will accelerate (as well).

“Given that the price of imported wheat at a free exchange rate is higher than the guaranteed purchase price, the situation is moving towards a shortage of wheat. Experts and informants in the wheat market have been warning the government for some time that if there is no balance between the domestic purchase price of wheat by the government and the export price of wheat, there is a possibility of reduction of this commodity of the poor and we must be careful not to have a bread riot.” (Jahan-e-Sanat, April 20, 2021)

These expressions are so shameful that even one of the most radical outlets which belongs to Khamenei, Kayhan, could not bear anymore and in an article entitled, ‘He is not ashamed as he lies so much and fabricates so many negatives,’ attacked its own government and said:

“Rouhani repeated the previous literature of some statesmen and said: ‘In the last three years, the enemies have been trying to create famine in the country through economic warfare, but we did not allow famine to occur. The day before, Jahangiri had also claimed: The government went through one of the most difficult years after the revolution in terms of foreign exchange earnings but did not allow Iranian inflation to become Venezuelan inflation.”

It recounted the government’s massive corruption which of course is the main source of the country’s misery and wrote:

“The government had so much foreign exchange reserves that it once spent $ 18 billion and another time about $ 30 billion either directly at 4,200 tomans (official currency price) or allocated it to those in the name of imports which were smuggled to the free market or the imported goods were sold at free prices.

“The same goes for the auction of 60 tons of gold, astronomical salaries, the transfer of government factories at a bargain price to its favorite people.”

And another state-run daily pointing to the country’s miserable situation and the president’s speeches said: “It is sad that in a country like Iran, which is full of human and natural resources, as a rule, more sublime concerns should be raised in it, but we see that the pride of the President of the country as though there was no famine!” (Asr-e-Iran, April 21, 2021)

Then the Aftab-e-Eghtesadi daily warned the entire regime about a revolution and wrote: “Ahmad Tavakoli (Minister of Labor) said that 60 percent of the people are below the poverty line. The government must hear the voice of the subjugated, otherwise something will happen that should not happen.” (Atafab-e-Eghtesadi, April 20, 2021)