But, recently, a moving issue filled the state-run media in Iran. The issue was about the role of dual nationals in the regime’s official structures.

On July 23, Javad Karimi-Ghodousi, a member of the Majlis (parliament) with close ties to regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei, sparked the argument by offering a brief report about dual nationals and their presence among the highest authorities.

He referred other parliament members to two lists of dual nationals. It is worth noting that the first list includes the regime’s president, Hassan Rouhani; the Health Minister, Saeed Namaki; the Vice President, Massoumeh Ebtekar, and others. The second list also includes the president’s chief of staff, Mohammad Nahavandian; the authority responsible for banking issues in the regime’s delegation in nuclear negotiations, Abdorrassoul Dorri Isfahani, and others.

More ridiculously, Rahimi Jahan Abadi, another member of parliament from Torbat-e Jam disstrict, argued with Karimi Qoddussi and said: “Mr. Qoddussi, we defended Iran against attacks by your ancestors and your family in Afghanistan. Are we not Iranian? Who gave you the Iranian birth certificate?”

But there is a significant issue and it is the time it has taken for the regime to adopt a bill in order to set restrictions on dual nationals in official posts. Since last October, parliament members are discussing this issue, but they have been unable to decide in this regard so far. This lengthening of the talks reveals that the dual nationality officials not just belong to a specific faction of the regime, but that the regime’s officials and their children are engaged in this issue from all the regime factions. Therefore, once again, we witness another lie by the mullahs and their officials, who are deeply scared of their prospective destiny and the people’s will for bringing down their religious fascist regime.