The speech itself is stirring and would convince anyone who believes in human rights that the best option for everyone involved is for the Resistance to overthrow the Regime and implement democracy in Iran.

Rajavi began the speech by praising the Resistance forces for building the heaven that is the city of Ashraf 3 on top of a barren piece of land in a little less than two years, but reiterated as always that the Resistance’s final destination is a free Tehran and advised that they were ready and will to take back and rebuild their homeland.

She spoke about the history of the Iranian Resistance under the mullahs, including the previous Resistance camps in Iraq that were continually targeted by the mullahs, and how this was all part of their march towards freedom for Iran and its people.

The Washington Times quoted Rajavi as saying: “Now, the mullahs’ religious fascism has reached the end of the line and is struggling to survive a crisis leading to its overthrow. The economic devastation, elimination of over 70 per cent of industrial capacity, a ruined banking sector, the monthly exodus of some $3 billion worth of capital, and the ceaseless free fall of the value of the national currency cannot be contained. The clerical regime is at an impasse. It neither has the capability to negotiate, abandon terrorism or stop meddling in the region nor does it have any space to manoeuvre as it did during the appeasement era.”

So, what will the Regime do? Well, domestically, Rajavi says Iran has already increased suppression of the Iranian people, rightly fearing the protest movement that has been raging for 18 months now. But internationally, the Regime is banking on a change to policy soon after the 2020 Presidential election. This, of course, will not come – no presidential candidate has committed to rejoining the nuclear deal -but the Regime merely wants to allay the fears of their internal security forces. The policy of appeasement is dead, as it should have been long ago.

The Washington Times quoted Rajavi as saying: “The definitive, ultimate and indisputable solution is the overthrow of the religious dictatorship in its entirety at the hands of the people of Iran and their Resistance… There is an alternative that wants to reach the destination of freedom through resistance units, rebellious cities and the Army of Freedom. This alternative is capable of establishing a democratic and pluralist republic based on the separation of religion and state, gender equality, the autonomy of Iran’s ethnic groups, and a non-nuclear Iran. Thanks to its organization and cohesiveness, the NCRI can replace the regime and is able to ensure a peaceful transition of power to the Iranian people’s elected representatives.”

Rajavi is clear that a Free Iran is coming and soon.