The situation for the regime is so spoiled, that Zarif tried to open the doors of relations with countries in the region, and in particular, Saudi Arabia may be to find a way to solve some of the regime’s problems.

In particular, the mullahs are suffering from regional and international isolation these days. On this subject Zarif tried with lies and frivolity, to reach out to Saudi Arabia, whose oilfields his regime recently attacked with missiles and drones. He suggested they could open a window, even a small aperture for dialogue, and thus open the door for the regime to breathe while it is choking on the brink of the massive crisis.

On this subject, Zarif in an interview on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, spoke about the regime’s readiness to negotiate and discuss the security with Iran’s neighbors, according to state media:

“Iran’s Foreign Ministry emphasizes that Tehran is ready [to dialogue with all neighbors], including Saudi Arabia, saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the security of its neighbors as its own security.”

This political bankruptcy, especially after the elimination of Qassem Soleimani, the head of the Iran’s IRGC Quds Force, has become more apparent, so that Zarif was resorted to lying about Saudi Arabia’s willing to discuss, saying in the same interview that the other party had given a message for dialogue and Zarif created a lot of scandal for Khamenei’s crippled government:

“After the death of Soleimani, we received a message from Saudi Arabia that they wanted to talk to Iran. [We responded positively to their message] and said we were ready for dialogue,” he added.

He even said in part of his frustrating conversation, that we are even now ready to talk. It is clear that Zarif is in a hurry for dialogue and negotiations. But interestingly, the Saudi Foreign Minister has given a clear answer to Zarif about dialogue and negotiations, while this answer can be interpreted by any political observer as a humiliating response to the regime, and revealed the lies of this Khamenei’s top diplomat:

“Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister says no private message has been sent to Iran to ease tensions and no direct contact has been made.”

The Saudi foreign minister has repeated his government’s past stance and calls on the regime to stop its past behavior and change its behavior.

“… before any dialogue, Iran must change its behavior.”

In order to get rid of the emerging crises, the regime needs to get out of isolation and political blockade, especially while Iraq is becoming one of the main crises of the regime which are deepening its isolation.

This is true because the Iraqi people sent the message to the Iranian regime that, we are not afraid of you and come and collect your mercenaries from our country and get out.

Now, this is the messy situation of Khamenei’s regime, which has even accepted to become infamous among the public, including for its dishonesty, and tried everything to step out from the path of decline, but it’s too late.

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