Before one interprets anything about the Iranian regime’s new missile show-off, it is important to pay attention to this news: 

“In the presence of Major General Hossein Salami, Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), today, Wednesday, the automatic and intelligent system of long-range ballistic missiles of the IRGC Air Force was unveiled,” wrote Mashregh News website on November 4.

“Always keep your hands on the trigger. We see that the enemies sometimes hit the drums of threat; We must restrain them and prove to them the psychological control, technical, tactical, operational, and strategic mastery of the system. Without this domination, we cannot live freely and peacefully,” said Salami about this new bluff.  

Iran’s IRGC Reacts To Calls For Its Dissolve

“To this day, this power in various areas, including the fight against ISIS, the fight against the counter-revolution in the west of the country and in remote areas, and the overthrow of the enemy’s will and distracting the enemy who seeks to threaten the state and the Iranian nation has worked and has shown its function and effects well,” he added.

Showing a few rockets with a moving platform and launching from under the mountain and the propaganda buzz around it is explicit propaganda and a common way for the regime to show its empty power.

However, the regime tries to prepare for any scenario case by launching such a show on the anniversary of the November 2019 uprising and in the midst of the U.S. election. The question is, what is the system afraid of that will have to re-use this missile bluff? 

To give an answer to this question it is important to look back at Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s speech one day earlier.

“In order to ensure external security and that the enemies not covet, defense tools such as missiles, UAVs, and aircraft must be strengthened, and in order to ensure internal security, the relevant devices must be vigilant about infiltration.” Tasnim news agency quoted Khamenei as saying on November 3.

Not a day has passed without the IRGC making a show-off of this missile bluffIt seems that Khamenei and his IRGC generals have resorted to this bluff in order to prevent and frighten the international enemies. But this is just the public part of the reality.  

Iran’s IRGC Reacts To Calls For Its Dissolve

In a world riddled with sophisticated nuclear and non-nuclear weapons and military technology, aircraft carriers, stealth fighters, and state-of-the-art drones, no one takes the hand-assembled weapons of the regime and boasts of it in an arms race with the great powers, is more ridiculous than a sign of power. Therefore, Khamenei and Salami’s target audience is not a supposed foreign force. 

What drives them to propagandize around the missile is to inspire the forces of the regime on the one hand and to line up against the youth and Iran’s people on the other. The regime’s Supreme Leader is just scrambling to show that he has not been overthrown until now – or I am still present because I have missiles. 

The most crucial word in Khamenei’s entire November 3 speech was “Security”, the greatest and most prevalent concern of this regime.