On February 25th, the state-run ISNA news agency quoted Mullah Pour-Mohammadi, the justice minister of Rouhani’s administration: “The incident in Ukraine, some highlight the news as if this incident is an internal issue and has happened in Iran. When somebody says something, it becomes first news title in the newspapers with colored photos and big logo such that they feel victorious. They turn the incident and political development that happened in Ukraine into an internal matter. Others report in a way as if they have lost something and mourn about it (i.e. Hassan Firouz-Abadi, chief of the regime’s armed forces general staff, who is a strong critic of the Ukrainian revolution).”

Mohammadi, who was a member of Khomeini’s 1988 death squad that massacred 30,000 political prisoners after the Iran-Iraq cease fire, also said: “Nobody should think if something happened in Ukraine and the news is highlighted in Iran and big logo and news title are made, there will be a movement and talks of this kind. We should really distance ourselves from such emotional atmosphere. Their country is not comparable to our country and our system. Those who are in different mood; should not be under wrong impression on this matter and the friends of our system should not worry or have concern. I think this is an emotional atmosphere and these incidents happen in the world.”