Since 2009 that the United States handed over protection of Ashraf residents to the Iraqi government, the Iranian regime has used a number of hotels in Baghdad to hire those who leave Ashraf to serve the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).
Mr. Taher Boumedra, former official in charge of Ashraf file in the United Nations that the Secretary –General had introduced him as Special Advisor on Ashraf, has revealed plans and programs of the regime’s embassy for the annihilation of PMOI where the Mohajer Hotel has been used.

Mohajer Hotel, located in Karradeh Street near Tahrir Square in Baghdad, has now turned into one of the centers of mullahs’ intelligence and the Quds Force. At first, Kiomars (Gholamali) Reshadatmand, known as Haj Ali who was agent of the Intelligence Ministry in regime’s embassy in Baghdad, was responsible for Mohajer Hotel. Subsequently, this responsibility was transferred to a Brigadier General of the Quds Force by the pseudonym of “Sajjad” who had been previously serving in “Nefaq Department” (special section in the Intelligence Ministry tasked to suppress and destroy the PMOI). He spent most of his time in a suite in Mohajer Hotel.

Danaifar, mullahs’ regime ambassador to Iraq and a commander in the Quds Force, commutes to this location to ascertain the progress of the plans and the programs. He uses Arabic dress in these commutes to hide his identity. A number of other agents of the Quds Force and the mullahs’ intelligence such as Moussavi and Hosseini constantly visit this place. They work closely with the Iraqi Prime Ministry and the committee there tasked to suppress Ashraf residents. Those agents of the intelligence and the Quds Force who go to Iraq under the cover of reporter or cameraman to prepare the so-called documentary reports also stay in Mohajer Hotel and go to Ashraf or other places from there to record their programs.

Any individual, who leaves the ranks of PMOI and goes to Mohajer Hotel, first stays for a while on the first floor of this hotel that is like a quarantine until IRGC element Sajjad “interviews” him. Then, depending on the outcome of the “interview”, he is transferred to rooms on the second, third or fourth floor. Sajjad tries to get the newcomers to cooperate with the Intelligence Ministry through threats, enticements and pressure. Once the individual earns their trust, he is transferred to Europe or other countries or taken to Iran depending on the mission they want to give him. Presently, the priority for the regime is to send these hirelings to Europe. However, those who are selected for special security missions are taken to Iran. Some of the hirelings that are candidates for special missions in Europe are first covertly transferred to Iran and once they receive their special “briefings and training” they are returned back to Iraq and from there they are dispatched to Turkey and ultimately to Europe.

The monthly salary of the individuals is very minute until they are fully hired. Recently, this salary has been reduced from 105000 Iraqi Dinars (equal to $86) to 70000 Dinars ($58) so that out of severe livelihood conditions they would give in to further cooperation. For example, the agents in the embassy pay these people $100 to take them to Ashraf to play absurd shows. These shows and disinformation activities are then aired by regime’s television. Sometimes, their further cooperation is bought by giving them a mobile phone and a suit.

The mullahs’ embassy in Baghdad issues Iranian passports for the paid hands hired by the regime that are to go to Europe and sends them to Turkey giving them two months wages of $700 in advance. In Turkey, these hirelings receive $350 a month from the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence. The Intelligence Ministry then pays the smugglers to take them to Europe and in Europe they are received by the Intelligence Ministry agents. The NCRI Security and Anti-Terrorism Commission, in its statement of December 2, 2013, published the first page of the Iranian passport of a hireling by the name of Ehsan Bidi who under the pretext of refugee and “former member of PMOI” was sent from Mohajer Hotel in Baghdad to Albania. This individual was used by the regime’s embassy in its shows that were conducted around Camp Ashraf and together with the other hirelings used to go to Ashraf carrying loudspeakers and placards.

Another such hireling is Eissa Azadeh. He went to Mohajer Hotel in January 2013. He was hired by the Ministry of Intelligence through the IRGC Brigadier General “Sajjad”. During the few months that he stayed in Mohajer Hotel, he was fully hired for the Intelligence Ministry by “Sajjad”, Moussavi and Hosseini and he is now completely serving regime’s Intelligence Ministry by threatening or enticing others to cooperate with the mullahs’ intelligence. Subsequently, the mullahs’ Gestapo issued this hireling an Iranian passport dated 12 February 2013 with serial number 16359085. In the next step, they took him to Iran for “briefing and training” in order to carry out his assigned missions. According to the information obtained from inside Iran, because of his familiarity with the Camp Liberty area, he has participated in planning missile attacks on Camp Liberty.

National Council of Resistance of Iran
Security and Anti-terrorism Commission
26 February 2014