Mohammad Hossein Asafari member of the Security Commission of the parliament speaking at the parliament said: “The Hezbollah of Lebanon, Palestine (Hamas), uranium enrichment, and closure of nuclear sites are our redlines.”

According to the report of state-run news agency of Mehr, on Tuesday, April 8, Asafari threatened the West mentioning the European parliament resolution and said: “Such resolutions were also previously issued but did not benefit the West. Once again we tell them that if you issue such resolutions be sure that we will reconsider the continuation of the nuclear negotiations and beware that crossing the redlines of suspending of the enrichment and closure of the nuclear sites will be impossible.” 

Last Monday, the European parliament adopted a draft resolution about Iran.  The European parliament Foreign Affairs Committee urged that all the necessary measures for beginning the work of a European Union representative bureau in Tehran will be done by the end of 2014. In addition to criticizing the violation of human rights in Iran and the increasing of executions in mullah Rouhani’s term, it asked the European parliamentary delegations in case of travelling to Iran to meet with the opposition of the government, the civil society activists, as well as the Iranian political prisoners. This resolution has sparked the outrage of mullahs’ regime and brought them to hysterical reactions.