The ministry of interior and the security forces of Spain announced in a joint statement that these four persons were exchanging the technical information that can be used in construction of missiles and gas centrifuges via a complicated trade network that included engineering projects.

The Spanish police have confiscated an amount equal to $13,700, documents of exporting dual-use equipment and two Leafield metal carving machines which had been illegally imported from Great Britain to Spain last year.

According to this statement, these machines were sent to Spain to keep the final destination secret until it would be transported to Iran at an appropriate opportunity. 

In this statement they considered these machines as with dual-use and thus transporting them to Iran a violation of the United Nations sanctions.

These equipment are constructed by Leafield Company which is one of the most progressive companies in the world in constructing metal-carving equipment. The Iranian regime circumvents the international sanctions through front companies and people under various covers or imports smuggled equipments.