Corruption can only be orchestrated by individuals with a malevolent disposition and nature, who endorse the decline of ethics and perceive criminal behavior as customary.

Since its inception under Ruhollah Khomeini’s leadership, the mullahs’ regime has made it their primary responsibility to promote the erosion of moral consciousness, the normalization of degenerate behavior, and the devaluation of human life.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there is no other government in the modern world that has formulated a strategy centered around the normalization and promotion of evil and criminality to the extent that it has become the foundation of its political structure and ideology.

This bitter truth is not merely a figment of our imagination, stemming from tales of malevolence from the distant past or fictional movies; we are currently witnessing this reality in Iran, which is under the control of the mullahs.

Among their transgressions is the propagation of racial and ethnic inequalities, which serves as a means of deflecting public attention away from their own corrupt and thieving behavior.

As a result of their felonious actions, the concept of a legitimate ‘government’ has, like many other notions, fallen prey to their machinations.

The primary responsibility of this self-proclaimed ‘government’ is now centered on legitimizing and bolstering their own wrongdoing, corruption, theft, crime, and human rights violations.

It is only by acknowledging such a disposition that we can comprehend why the heinous act of poisoning female students persists. As the motive behind this crime becomes increasingly apparent with each passing day, an increasing number of individuals, personalities, politicians, and governments are acknowledging this reality.

This is a tactic employed in a psychological warfare campaign aimed at desensitizing people to the prevalence of crime, poverty, and class inequality. The regime has resorted to using public executions – one of the most abhorrent crimes of our time – as a means of normalizing criminal behavior. Their aim is to acclimatize the populace to these atrocities and to perceive them as commonplace occurrences in their daily lives.

The regime is employing a similar tactic through the deliberate proliferation of addiction and poverty, which serves to suppress the voices of young people and quell their aspirations for a better life and greater freedoms, thereby preempting any potential uprisings.

In the aftermath of the 2022 nationwide protests, which were predominantly led by women, the regime has resolved to continue the poisoning of schoolgirls as a means of desensitizing the population and instilling a sense of dread and apprehension regarding the safety and well-being of their children.

The regime seeks to discourage people from taking to the streets and challenging their authority once again. Remaining passive and silent in the face of such animosity towards a nation will only serve to prolong the lifespan of this regime. The most effective approach is to persist with protests and resistance.

It is the obligation and accountability of every individual, irrespective of gender, to act and tackle this situation. This is the only viable remedy to prevent the further perpetuation of the poisoning of innocent schoolchildren and to emancipate the nation from the poverty and malevolence that this regime has imposed upon them.