Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, a political prisoner in Iran, recently issued a message to the world governments, urging them to cut diplomatic ties with the regime in Iran, close its embassies, and refrain from supporting the perpetrators of violence against the Iranian people.

She has been sentenced to six years in prison on charges of “assembly and collusion” and an additional one-year sentence for “propaganda against the state.”

In her message, Iraee highlighted the normalization of death and violence in Iran, from the public execution of opponents to the mass killing of political prisoners in 1988. Despite these atrocities, countries that claimed to uphold human rights recognized the first Islamic fundamentalist regime.

The international community’s silence has been deafening, as they recognized the regime and established overt and covert relations with its leaders, Iraee warned. This has significantly increased the regime’s weapons and military power, making them unrestrained in the region.

As a result, the people of Syria and protesters inside the country have faced the same fate as the Iranian people. Despite the situation, diplomatic relations were not cut off, leaving the Iranian regime with more power to continue its oppressive rule.

In her message, she also notes that the Iranian regime has been using foreign wars to suppress and silence domestic opposition, justifying poverty and economic disorder.

Moreover, Iraee pointed out that the international community’s support of the regime has impeded domestic organizations’ ability to achieve its demands and incapacitated civil society. This approach is incompatible with their claim of upholding human rights.

The people of Iran have shown their resilience, relying on a conscious force that conquered the streets in the recent revolutionary uprising, and shattered the walls of fear from repression.

Iraee also highlighted the plight of teachers and workers who have been imprisoned and tortured for expressing their concerns. Esmail Abdi, a young teacher, spent almost a decade in prison solely because he was concerned about his students’ education.

Mohammad Habibi, another well-known teacher, was arrested and taken to an undisclosed location in the most brutal way possible, this time for expressing concern about students who were victims of state-backed poisoning attacks.

Iraee urged the international community to take concrete actions such as cutting diplomatic ties with the regime. Merely issuing statements, expressing sympathy, and condemning the regime are insufficient. The people of Iran need tangible support from the international community to overthrow the regime.

Her message is a powerful reminder of Iran’s ongoing human rights violations and the international community’s responsibility to act.

The Iranian regime’s brutal crackdown on dissidents, activists, and journalists has been well-documented, and the continued silence and inaction of the international community have only emboldened the regime to continue its reign of terror.

The people of Iran need tangible support from the international community to overthrow the regime and achieve their human rights and freedom demands.