The state daily of Jam-e Jam noted that the plan has four articles with the first article unmistakably emphasizing that any propaganda on decrease in the number of children is prohibited and the culprit will be condemned and punished according to article 624 of the Islamic law. The plan stresses that harsh punishment awaits the transgressors.

According to this daily the other articles in this plan are of similar context. According to “article 3, all the apparatuses of the executive branch are tasked to implement this plan and article 4 states that from the date the plan becomes law, the family and population law ratified in 1993 (plan to control population) and its subsequent amendments and directives and regulation will become null.”

Hosseinali Shahriari, former chair of Health and Medical Treatment Committee who is one of those who have drafted this plan, spoke on its objective with Jam-e Jam: “Limiting the number of members of families has turned problematic for us. Moreover, some of the Health and Medical Treatment centers are working according to old regulations to control the population and we want to impose limitations on these centers.”

Hosseinali Shahriari emphasized that “Iran has the capacity for 300 million people”. He said that some are concerned about the increase in the population. They state that there is problem with jobs and houses. It is true that these problems have surfaced, but they are due to bad management. We have much capacity and the country can have a 300 million population.”

Previously, on 31 October 2013, Khamenei who knows well that most people are struggling for their livelihood had said: “I believe that our country is not one of 75 million. It is rather a country of at least 150 million; it can be more. Surely with this area and scientific capacity in the country, we can have a high density population. People think what will come of them if they have 4-5 children, but also think that when these 4-5 children grow up and found a job how they can help the progress of the country.”