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Iran’s Regime and Its Concocted Virus, Monarchism

Protest by freedom-loving Iranians against the regime.

The Iran regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, and its intelligence service are exploring all possible means to distract the people’s protests and revolution. These efforts are being carried out in several parallel axes.

Firstly, they are promoting the son of Iran’s overthrown Pahlavi dynasty, heavily supporting him through their propaganda, media outlets, and the Ciber Army.

Secondly, they conducted a deceptive maneuver by offering amnesty to the prisoners arrested in recent protests.

Thirdly, they mobilized their forces for the 1979 revolution ceremony.

In his speech after the anniversary of the 1979 revolution, Hossein Salami, head of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), revealed the regime’s goal and said, “The enemy wanted to fill our streets and alleys with violence and stand against a nation’s idealism. But God returned this conspiracy against them with the presence of the people in the 22 Bahman march (Feb. 11), and the streets were full of confident and steadfast hearts and steps.”

The Iranian regime’s latest tactic to distract people from the protests is to showcase two main ideas.

Firstly, they want to show that the majority of people still support the regime and that Iran has no revolution.

Secondly, they argue that the regime has no credible alternative. The only alternative is an alliance of several celebrities with Shah’s son, which would create discord, division, and chaos, potentially turning Iran into the next Syria and Iraq. According to the regime, the best solution for the people is and will be the current ruling regime.

After trying several failed solutions to pull the regime out of its crisis, the regime has now turned to a new tactic, which is to promote the doomed Pahlavi dynasty. The regime is using this dynasty as a tool to disappoint the people and prevent them from connecting with the regime’s real and long-lasting opposition.

The Pahlavi dynasty’s supporters are promoting their “non-violent” solution to prevent any radical movement against the regime. This tactic is similar to those of the previous regime’s marionettes, such as Khatami, Mousavi, and Rouhani, who tried to prevent the regime’s demise.

The recent protests in Iran have made it clear that the regime and the remnants of the Pahlavi dynasty are the two main losers. The people have rejected the regime entirely, along with all of its solutions. In response, the regime has launched an online campaign on social media called “My representative is Reza Pahlavi.”

This campaign aims to introduce the people to a hollow alternative that will never lead to the regime’s overthrow. The regime, having lost its legitimacy, cannot play the card of the so-called reformists anymore. Therefore, it is using the harmless Pahlavi to distract the people from the regime’s failures.

It is not a coincidence that a sports celebrity, who has no political experience, has suddenly become a “Shah lover” and insulted the Resistance of Iran and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

Moreover, it is no surprise that we are witnessing attacks and affronts against the people’s 1979 revolution and those who sacrificed everything to free the country from the cruel Pahlavi rule. This is happening immediately after the start of the “My representative is Reza Pahlavi” campaign.

And it is not without reason that we are suddenly seeing images of the fugitive criminal and torturer, Parviz Sabeti, in the protests of the supporters of the Pahlavi who introduce this member of SAVAK as the savior and protector of Iran!

The string of beads of all these projects is an attempt to mystify the political atmosphere of Iran, with the aim of distracting the people and the media from focusing on the uprising, whose main losers are the mullahs and the monarchist system. This is why we are calling the Pahlavi current a ‘virus’ in the political landscape of Iran.

Therefore, it is crucial to remain focused on the main enemy, which is the Islamic Republic regime and its supporters, including the Pahlavi remnants who are trying to distract and deceive the people. The current political situation demands heightened political awareness and daily efforts to fight against the dictatorial and fascist tendencies of the regime.

As former French National Assembly member Jean Pierre Brard suggests, the Pahlavi remnants are like punctured inner tubes that require patches to fix. However, these patches are often insufficient, and only a complete overhaul can solve the problem. In the case of the Pahlavi remnants, their attempts to present themselves as saviors and protectors of Iran are nothing more than a luxury patch, an attempt to mystify and distract from the real issues at hand.

It is essential to recognize and expose any political force or person who violates this demarcation and supports the Islamic Republic regime or its supporters. These individuals and groups are serving the regime and are enemies of the people’s uprising and its goals. By remaining focused on the main enemy and working together to fight against the regime and its supporters, we can bring about positive change and a better future for Iran.

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