In Iran’s history, the mullahs are known as a social and religious phenomenon. Now for more than 43 years, they have become a political and economic phenomenon too.

Before these 43 years, they were accepted as an outlook of the religious aspirations of Iran’s traditional society. But now after 43 years while experiencing them, they are becoming a warning and bad experience for the coming decades and centuries of Iran.

The sad truth, but the truth is that, if the mullahs did not take the rule in Iran, a rule which has had a devastating and unbelievable price for the Iranian people, the Iranian society would have had to carry this cancerous tumor and would have coexisted with false holiness, continuing for at least the next hundred years.

The consequences of the political Islam of the mullahs

When talking of the mullahs’ Islam, there is no need to deep dive into theoretical discussions of different ideologies.

All of these have had the clearest objectives in social, economic, cultural, and political life in Iran in the past 43 years.

The political Islam of the mullahs has started with the monopoly of the Velayat-e-Faghih (Supreme Leader). A principle that replaced law, democracy, and criticism with extrajudicial and uncritical sanctity.

Following that, crimes against humanity and the repression of any opponent became legal, which has added to the number of prisons, expanded executions, and genocides.

Following the political crime, economic crimes became legal, and the regime’s mafia and supreme leader’s ‘economic’ institutions looted the people and the entire country.

Following that the economy of the families started to decline sharply and phenomena such as organ selling, suicide, and other social crises increased rapidly.

The achievements of the Islamic economy of the mullahs

The economic consequences of such a rule are easily countable. Wasting 18 billion of the people’s wealth on Syria’s war, to stabilize the dictatorship in this country to have a base for terror actions against other countries. This act has been repeated in other countries like Yemen, Palestine, and Lebanon on the price of Iran’s starving people. Creating a worthless missile and nuclear project with the price of Iran people misery.

They have destroyed Iran’s ecologic system with unscientific dam projects, changing the path of the rivers in the favor of the Revolutionary Guards’ projects which are not in the favor of the people but to fill the pockets of some ruling people.

They are following the policy to keep the nation starving and poor so that they are not able to think about their rights and freedom. And taking help from other social anomalies such as addiction and governed prostitution to neutralize the people’s power confronting them.

The United Nations and the World Bank have declared that Iran has the highest economic misery among Middle Eastern countries. Iran’s situation is even worse than Afghanistan in terms of economic misery and livelihood. While it is rich in oil, gas, and other minerals and is a country that has the situation of all kinds of green powers.

From this perspective, Iran has become the third most corrupt country in the world under the mullahs’ rule with their interpretation of political Islam and an Islamic economy.