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NCRI - A group of plainclothes agents from the Iranian regime's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and  members of Basij para-military forces raided a music concert hall on Thursday in the city of Yazd.

In the run-up to International Workers’ Day, the Iranian regime issued warnings against its citizens organizing any demonstrations or events to publicly mark the occasion. Reports indicate that Iranian intelligence officers went so far as to meet with individuals who were suspected of being labor organizers, in a series of specific attempts at government intimidation.

Anumber of labor activists have been detained in the Iranian capital as they gathered to observe International Workers' Day on May 1. The activists were among dozens of workers who were aiming to stage a protest outside the Labor Ministry and also at another location, in western Tehran. 

NCRI - Fearful of labor demonstrations and protests on the International Workers’ Day, the clerical regime arrested a large number of workers. Additionally, prior to this day, the mullahs’ intelligence had summoned a number of workers and warned them of staging any protests or participating in demonstrations.

22April2014- An individual from Rouhani's office approached the families of political prisoners who are protesting in front of Rouhani's Office and told them to provide him with their demands so he would follow them up. The families responded that we were in front of the Majlis (Parliament) and they gave us the same promise. We do not want to talk to you. We want to determine the fate of our beloved relatives who are imprisoned.

Subsequent to the barbaric raid by prison guards on Ward 350 of Evin Prison in Tehran and the battering of political prisoners and their transfer to solitary confinement with scarce news reaching outside the prison, a protest gathering by families of political prisoners began today.


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