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According to an earlier announcement, Gonabadi Dervishes that held protests in front of the Prosecutor's Office in Tehran (Galobandak Crossroad), supporting 10 Gonabadi Dervish prisoners currently on a hunger strike, were suppressed by Special Forces and plainclothes security officers. Tehran's forces of zones 11 and 12 are strictly controlling and preventing the Dervishes' protest in front of the courthouse. 

At dusk on Tuesday, March 18th, the historical Fire Festival, with origins dating back to 1700 BC, is held in Iran. This festival has been banned since the onset of the clerical regime, considered against regime’s interests. Every year as this national ceremony approaches, security forces are placed on alert and the regime publishes daily reports firecracker confiscations and arrested youth.

The Iranian regime has begun a crackdown ahead of the traditional Iranian fire festival which precedes Iranian New Year. The regimes security forces have undertaken a series of moves to discourage celebrations, and have attempted to confiscate firecrackers and other materials which they deem to be "dangerous".

NCRI- In the latest series of statements by the Iranian regime officials and clerics criticizing the annual fire festival, another senior cleric on Friday defined the fire festival as "Bad tradition."

NCRI- More than 600 were arrested during last week's anti-regime protests by members of Iran's Bakhtiari community, according to reports from the southern city of Dezful.

In addition to dozens of 107mm rockets, bolstered with additional charges, powerful missiles, with an explosive power at least 10 times greater than 107mm rockets, were launched at Camp Liberty last night. 

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