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Iran Government TV Confesses to Massacre in Shiraz, Sirjan, Mahshahr

Iran Government TV Confesses to Massacre in Shiraz, Sirjan, Mahshahr

The Iranian regime’s attacks on critics abroad have been brazen. In recent days, anti-regime activists have been kidnapped, murdered and harassed.

Images from inside Iran of the spreading protests have gone viral on the Internet, including gruesome pictures of those killed on the streets. Amnesty International counts more than 208 dead since the unrest began November 15 because of public anger over a hike in gas prices.

Iranian Authorities’ Crimes are Ongoing

As the Iranian regime mercilessly continues its crimes against the fed-up people, the protesters—particularly the MEK's resistance units—continue their struggle.

Despite the passing of more than two weeks since nationwide protests erupted across Iran, the regime is yet unable to control the situation. Of course, the Iranian authorities claim that they have succeeded to overcome the “unrests” and arrest “rioters” and “ringleaders,” but shutting down the people’s communication reveals they are boasting alone. In reality, as the regime mercilessly continues its crimes, the protesters continue their struggle.

Iran Protests; Suppression Won’t Save the Regime

Despite the Iranian regime's savage crackdown on the fed-up people but the severe continuation of nationwide protests made oppression apparatus ineffective.

On Wednesday, November 27, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei described the recent protests as an extremely dangerous, deep, and extensive threat to the regime. He made remarks for his thugs and plainclothes agents and warned them, "Prepare for defending in all sectors [including] hard, semi-hard, and soft warfare. Basij [paramilitary government’s forces] should design a tactical and strategic roadmap for all the country’s districts.”

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