In November 2021, some 466 protests took place in Iran in 140 cities of 30 provinces. That is, on average, between 15 and 16 protest movements took place daily in different cities of Iran.

In Isfahan, after the farmers gathered and protested on the bed of the Zayandeh River, the city of Isfahan witnessed two days of an uprising by the people who stood up to support the farmers.

The uprising of the people of Isfahan, which was triggered by the gathering and sit-in of farmers in the Zayandeh Rud River, took place in a situation where the government sought to prevent any serious protests and uprisings. On 19 November, the population that joined the farmers in the bed of Zayandeh Rud and started their uprising against the regime was estimated at 100,000 people.

On this day, the people chanted ‘Artillery, Tanks, Fireworks, the mullahs must get lost,’ ‘neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my life is sacrificed for Iran,’ ‘if the water does not open, Isfahan will rise,’ ‘our enemy is here, they are lying, it is America,’ and ‘oh, if the farmer orders me jihad.’

At 4 a.m. on November 25 special units with cars and motorcycles came to the farmers’ gathering and surrounded them. Police officers, along with the anti-riot guard, burned farmer’s tents. Immediately after this incident, the regime announced on its TV that thugs controlled coming aboard have attacked the framers, claims usually by the regime.

However, contrary to the regime’s goals this caused the unity of the people and their support for the farmers and the situation reached a new peak, and on November 26, a great uprising took place against the government. The courageous youth came to the scene and fought and confronted the regime’s forces who brutally attacked the farmers.

During this event, the regime by using birdshot pellets against the protesters injured many of them in the face, and many of the people lost at least one eye.

The situation of the whole protests this month was as follows:

  • Uprising:

The uprising of the people of Isfahan in two consecutive weeks. That is, it was held from November 19 to November 26, 2021.

  • Protests by different strata
  1. Teachers: This month, educators held 157 protests in 79 cities of 25 provinces.
  2. Workers: This month, various working-class groups held a total of 127 protests in 38 cities of 20 provinces.
  3. Farmers: Farmers held a total of 28 protests in six cities of four provinces. It is noteworthy that the protests of farmers in Isfahan province in the process led to the uprising of farmers and people of Isfahan.
  4. Retirees: This month, retirees held 18 protests in six cities in five provinces.
  5. Creditors: The creditors held three protests this month in two cities of two provinces.
  6. Physicians: Physicians held 3 protests in 3 cities of 3 provinces.
  7. Nurses: Nurses held 2 protests in 1 city.
  8. Students: This month, the students held 2 protests in 2 cities of 2 provinces, which are as follows:

– Gathering of students and medical staff of Ahvaz Jondishapur University to protest the inadequacy of the university’s management team.

– Gathering of dental students of Shahed University in protest of the situation of the faculty and the lack of attention of university officials to their problems.

  1. Truckers: This month, truck drivers held two protests in 2 cities of 2 provinces, which are as follows:

– Rally of military truck drivers in protest of fuel cut.

– Gathering of Farokhshahr truck drivers in protest of illegal water transfer and digging of unprofessional tunnels, including Beheshtabad tunnel.

  1. Taxi drivers: Taxi drivers held two protests in 2 cities of 2 provinces.
  2. Ranchers: Ranchers in the Torogh district of Mashhad gathered to protest the demolition of several farms in the Torogh livestock sector.
  3. Other classes: This month, there were 112 protests in 60 cities of 23 provinces, the most serious of which was the protest of the people of Shahrekord, who protested for two consecutive days, and the other was related to the protest rally and march of the families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane which was downed by the regime’s IRGC on January 8, 2020.