The protests in Iran will continue as long as the demands of the people are not satisfied. The people’s main demands are not simple reform but fundamental regime change. Iran’s society is now fighting for its freedom for more than 130 years.

Thus, it should be considered that the next revolution in the country is a sequence of the people’s past rebellions against dictatorships ruling over the country with brutality and human rights discrimination. Since September 17 when the protests started, they have spread across the country, and have engulfed the entire nation, despite the regime’s heavy crackdown.

Even if the regime can silence people and stop their protests, these protests have deeply changed society. With the development of the protests, the political consciousness of the people will grow which is a direct threat to the regime.

This can be seen in the speeches of the head of the regime’s Revolutionary Guard Mohsen Salami, who last Saturday threatened the people to stop their protests. In his speech, he asked frustrated people what they wanted from the regime. This shows clearly that the regime is in a state of weakness.

Yesterday, once again he took the stage on the state-TV, while expressing his frustration about the internet and foreign media he said that these are even more dangerous than the atomic bombs that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Then he begged the country’s youths that if they are listening to him, they should not fall into the trap of the internet and the international media, because they are deterring them from the right way, which he considers the regime’s path.

Finally, he added: “We request our young people to look at the issues realistically and not emotionally. There is no system that is more sympathetic to our society than the Islamic system.”

This shows that the regime has failed to stop the protests. A reality that the regime is not considering is that the generations after 1979 are losing more and more common points with it. Therefore, any rollback to the past is not imaginable.

The regime has started trials against the demonstrators. In Tehran alone, around 1,000 people have been charged in connection with the protests. They would be accused of sabotage, attacks against security forces, and destruction of public property.

In the past few days, protests and rallies have again been reported from at least twenty cities and more than fifty universities. The most violent clashes appear to have taken place at the University of Mashhad.

Recently, new slogans have been added to the previously known ones. The demonstrators are now chanting ‘We don’t want either Shah or mullahs, damn the ayatollah’.

Today, Tuesday, November 1, 2022, on the 47th day of the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people, protests, and strikes continue. So far, nationwide demonstrations have been recorded in more than 213 cities with 450 people killed and 25,000 arrests. The names of 307 of the murdered people by the regime’s repressive forces have been announced by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

Tehran, Narmak residents resume anti-regime protests, chanting: I’ll kill whoever killed my sister! [Footage]

Tehran, Footage shows defiant youths torching a pro-regime banner at the Jomhuri [Republic] bridge. [Footage]

Kurdistan, Divendarreh defiant youths set tires ablaze, blocking the streets and resuming anti-regime demonstrations. [Footage]

Tehran, Defiant women resume anti-regime protests in Payambar [Prophet] St, near Kuroush mall, chanting: Death to Khamenei! [Footage]

Ilam, Footage shows hit-and-run conflicts between oppressive forces and defiant protesters in Dehloran. [Footage]

Ilam, Dehloran defiant citizens resume anti-regime protests at Resalat intersection. Security forces fire tear gas, trying to intimidate and disperse protesters. [Footage]

Tehran, Oppressive forces killed a protester in Naziabad district by beating, running him over with a motorcycle, and closely shooting. [Footage]

Mashhad high schoolboys resume anti-regime protests, chanting: Mullahs must get lost! [Footage]

Sanandaj defiant citizens block the Sheikhan intersection, resuming anti-regime protests. Drivers sound horns, supporting demonstrators. [Footage]

Gilan, Citizens pay homage to the late Mohammad-Rasool Momenizadeh, killed by security forces in Rasht on September 22. The mourning mother and relatives applaud his martyrdom rather than weep. [Footage]

Karaj high schoolgirls continue anti-regime protests, chanting: Proud Iranians; support! [Footage]

Citizens pay homage to the late Siavosh Mahmoudi, 16, killed by authorities during Iran protests. “Does the Quran recommend raping people in prison?” Siavosh mourning relatives and friends chant. [Footage]

Tehran, Amirkabir University students continue anti-regimeْ protest, chanting: Freedom, freedom, freedom! [Footage]

East Azarbaijan, Tabriz’s Azarbaijan Madani University students compare IRGC terrorists and ISIS members, chanting against them. [Footage]

Tehran, High schoolgirls resume anti-regime protests, chanting: No fear! We’re all together! [Footage]

Tehran, Meli [Beheshti] University-Humanities & Literature Faculty students continue anti-regime protests, chanting: Students of Tehran, Beheshti, and Sharif University are in prison! [Footage]

Tehran, Meli [Beheshti] University continues anti-regime protests, boycotting classes. Freedom, freedom, freedom! [Footage]

Tehran, Islamic Azad University-North Unit students continue anti-regime protests, holding a rally and boycotting the classes despite the regime’s savage suppression on October 30. [Footage]

Sanandaj Ebn-e Sina schoolchildren resume anti-regime protests, chanting: Death to the dictator! [Footage]

Qazvin, Schoolgirls resume anti-regime protests, chanting: Freedom, freedom, freedom! [Footage]

Tehran, Footage shows Technical University-Pardis Units students resuming anti-regime protests by boycotting classes. [Footage]

Tehran, Kharazmi University students resume anti-regime protests, chanting: Imprisoned students must be freed! [Footage]

Nurabad citizens resume anti-regime protests, resisting security forces’ attempt to detain a protester and helping him to flee. [Footage]

Tehran, Al-Zahra University students resume anti-regime protests, holding a sit-in at the facility. [Footage]

Tehran, Meli [Baheshti] University-Mathematics, Chemistry, and Cognitive Science Faculty students resume anti-regime protests, chanting: From Zahedan to Tehran; Iran is drenched in blood! [Footage]

Tehran, Amirkabir University-Aerospace Faculty students resume anti-regime protests, holding a sit-in at the facility. [Footage]

Yazd, Technical University students resume anti-regime protests, holding a sit-in at the site. [Footage]

Tehran, Amirkabir University-Material Science Faculty students resume anti-regime protests, boycotting the classes. [Footage]

Tehran, Meli [Baheshti] University-Mathematics, Chemistry, and Cognitive Science Faculty students chant: Next Mahsa Amini is among those who remained silent today! [Footage]

Mazandaran, Medical Sciences University students write in graffiti: Death to the dictator! We don’t want a child-killing regime! Being impartial is a disgrace! [Footage]

Lorestan, Nurabad citizens resume anti-regime protests, resisting security forces’ attempt to detain a protester and helping him to flee. [Footage]