“Are you ready for change in Iran?”

“Are you ready for regime change in Iran?”

“Are you ready for Madame Rajavi as President of Iran?”

“Are you ready for the dictatorship to end?”

Governor Richardson was met with deafening responses in the affirmative, as the delegates, invigorated from a day of speeches and activities, rose to their feet.

Governor Richardson went on to discuss the need for regime change. Iran suffers from water shortages, corruption, executions, disappearing, pensions, enormous political unrest, said Richardson.

Why? he asked. Because the end is near.

Enormous changes are taking place, both in Iran and in the United States, in response to these crises. Democrats, Republicans, activists, and civic leaders from around America have come together to say, “America stands behind you.”

At this point in Richardson’s speech, the audience began chanting, “Thank you! Thank you!”

Richardson noted that participation in the annual NCRI gathering has grown significantly over the years that it has been held. Richardson has attended the gathering for a number of years and has seen its growth firsthand. He sees its growing numbers as one sign of the strength of the resistance and the coming demise of the regime.


Speech by Bill Richardson at Free Iran: The Alternative Gathering 2018 Villepinte , Paris


Governor Richardson then delivered some powerful words to the assembled people about their role in regime change:

“You are the source of change in Iran. The young people, the women. The resistance. The youth, the young people here. And I want to tell you a lot of people ask, ‘is there an alternative to the mullahs, the dictatorship?’

“And the answer is yes. It’s the resistance. It’s the MEK. It’s. Mrs. Rajavi. But it’s you! And I say to you. Why?

“Because you’re the one who fought against the Shah. You fought against the dictatorship, against the religious dictatorship. You were there in the trenches fighting and dying. And you represent a platform of freedom and democracy.”

Richardson went on to praise the NCRI’s commitment to gender equality, human rights, free and fair elections, and the end of Sharia law.  He described a future Iran with the NCRI and Maryam Rajavi in power as one in which Iranians have jobs.

Richardson told the delegates present that each of them represent thousands of people in Iran and closed by saying, “The power is with you.”

“The end is near.”