He spoke critically of the previous administration, but he had words of glowing praise for current President Trump.

He did take time in his speech for the people of Iran, beginning his remarks with extending gratitude to the audience.  “The willingness of so many people to come from so many places is a major factor in the growing support that you see worldwide for freedom in Iran, and your presence here, each one of you, helps communicate support, so let me start by saying thank you,” said Newt Gingrich to the crowed of tens of thousands at Villepinte.

Gingrich stressed that there can be no peace in the Middle East under the current regime. “In the end the only way to safety in the region, is to replace the dictatorship with democracy and that has to be our goal,” he said.

Gingrich stressed the need to shame European governments who do business with the Iranian regime, saying that whatever money they are making is a “terrible price to pay” for the suffering of the people in Iran. “Our goal is a free Iran that respects the rights of each individual,” he continued.


Speech by Newt Gingrich at Free Iran: The Alternative Gathering 2018 Villepinte , Paris


Gingrich emphasized that regime change has happened quickly to apparently strong governments in the past, using Russia as an example. He pointed out that the Iranian government is already in a weakened state, saying that corruption at the top weakens the entire system. The regime’s inability to provide prosperity, a decent standard  of living, or even to tell the truth to its people makes the regime weak.

Gingrich said that people can help hasten the overthrow of the regime by spreading the word on social media. He said that the participants of the Free Iran rally were in a position to help their brothers and sisters on the ground in Iran by telling the world what is happening to them.

Gingrich used the last minutes of his time to deliver a message of hope. “I believe, with all my heart that we are on the side of history.” And then he went on to predict the fall of the regime.

“Freedom will come. It has been paid for with the blood of patriots. It has been paid for with the sweat of patriots. It has been paid for by those willing to stand up to the dictatorship. You are a key part of that,” said the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Gingrich addressed the NCRI and MEK, saying that their resistance movement is vastly larger than any other movement trying to help Iran.

He concluded his remarks by echoing the sentiments of many of the other speakers at today’s convention. “I look forward to the day that this meeting can be in Tehran in a free country,” he said.