On the other hand, it is now close to two weeks that Ahmed Khozair is obstructing Iraqi sewage tankers that have been rented by the residents as in the past two years, from entering the camp. Since black water tanks are not being drained, the sewage inside the tanks has overflowed and polluted the environment (picture of tanks are attached). This in turn would lead to the outbreak of infectious diseases that given the imposed medical blockade puts the residents in a perilous situation. In yet another suppressive measure, the prime ministry agents that accompany patients to Baghdad prevent the patients from purchasing their medication that are prescribed by their physicians. Maliki, the Iranian regime’s puppet PM in Iraq, in his trip to Tehran early last December, promised the mullahs to escalate the suppressive measures and the criminal siege on Camp Liberty in return for regime’s full support for his third prime ministry term. Underscoring the fact that these criminal measures are prosecutable and punishable at the international level and given the written and repeated commitments by the United Nations and the United States government concerning Camp Liberty residents’ safety and security, the Iranian Resistance calls on them to adopt immediate measures to end this anti-human siege and to remove criminal elements such as Ahmed Khozair from Camp Liberty. Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran February 20, 2014