“When they keep the text of the agreement secret, how are we to assess? What they imposed on Iraq through war, they are doing to us through the Geneva accord. As the first step we have to implement the following: -All of Iran’s 20% uranium stockpile will be destroyed. Half of it will be turned into oxide and the other half to 5% uranium. -We should not feed anything new to any of our nuclear sites. -We should not install any new cascades or centrifuges. -If a current centrifuge breaks down, we cannot replace it with an improved type; i.e. we have to use the older generation of the centrifuges and the advanced of our science will stop here. -In Fordow, Natanz and Arak which are the principle nuclear sites, we cannot embark on anything new. -All of our scientific research is to be placed under surveillance in order not to lead to amassing of enriched uranium. -In three months, we have to hand over whatever information the other side asks for. Information on nuclear mines to nuclear sites, description of nuclear buildings and sites, invasive inspections that do not follow any pattern have been imposed on us. This means that we cannot have any novel moves and all segments of the nuclear program will be shut down. Now, have they removed the sanctions for all that we have conceded? Legally there is no stipulation that the sanctions will be removed. The sanction on our central bank which was the hardest is still in place and they stress that the financial channel will just include foreign banks or the Iranian banks that have avoided sanctions and this is while many of our banks are hit by the sanctions. Now, what will they do in the second stage? How long is the duration of this longer stage? It could be 20 years or 50 years; there is no definite time. We will have to put up with it until this time is over and then we will just get to the stage where our dossier becomes ordinary and we get back to square one. A few years ago, we got to a point with the West to give the 5% enriched uranium and receive 20% enriched uranium so that our fuel cycle would not be shut down. Now what? We have to oxidize this. In any case, we ought to know that the nuclear issue is not something that will go away. Will everything really end if we forgo the nuclear program? Can we also forgo our missile, space and nano programs as well? They want to take all that away from us.”