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INU - In a meeting that took place on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley discussed her country’s three goals in Yemen during a meeting with Yemeni President Abed Rabbu Mansour Hadi in New York on Tuesday.

by Jazeh Miller

Last Friday, Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman spoke on the phone with each other regarding the dispute between the two nations. Not long after the call, Qatari state media reported that there was a breakthrough in discussions.

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INU - After the liberation of Mosul the military phase of the fight against ISIS is winding down, and it is predicted that the battle for the nearby town of Tal Afar will end soon. This gives Iraq the opportunity to distance itself from Iran.

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INU -As the major partner in the insurgency, former president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was ousted in 2012, criticized Iran-allied Houthis for operating under foreign agendas, struggles among coup militias in Yemen erupted.

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INU - Iraq was traditionally known as a homogeneous society, where Arabs, Kurds and Turks lived alongside and in mixed societies for centuries. Before Iran’s meddling the majority of Shiites lived and prospered with their Sunni, Christian, Yazidi and other religious neighbors.

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INU - When interviewed recently by the Washington Post, the newly appointed Saudi ambassador to the United States, Prince Khalid Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, said, “I think that President Trump is determined to work with his allies in the region to counter Iranian expansionism and terrorism. We are happy with the current policies in the region.”

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