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Iran: Militarism and Alliances

By INU staff

INU- Far from responding favorably to the Obama administration’s outreach, the Iranian regime appears to be largely ramping up its confrontational rhetoric in light of the latest developments. One very recent, prominent example of this comes in the form of the regime’s claim on Monday that it had completed the test flight of a reproduction of a captured American drone.

Iran, US Strategies Following Republic Congressional Victories

By INU staff

INU- On Tuesday, American voters went to the polls and gave control of both houses of Congress to the Republican Party, dividing the government between this legislative branch and the Democratic presidency. Foreign policy was barely an issue during this election cycle, but the Republican Party is largely at odds with the Obama administration over topics like Iran and the negotiations over its nuclear program.

ISIS and Iran's Regional Ambitions

By Amir Basiri

American Thinker

Until a few months ago, the Iranian regime had fed off the chaos in the region to further its dream of forming a “Shiite Crescent” extending through Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. The West’s nonintervention and retreat policy alomg with failure to address the faltering situation in Syria and Iraq, had provided an expansionist Iran with a windfall, allowing the Iranian regime to assume full hegemony in both countries. Iranian authorities brazenly bragged about Iran’s growing influence in the region.

Analysts: US Policy Unrealistic about Iran’s Role

BY INU staff

INU - Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s latest encouragement of open warfare between Israel and Palestine, following his meeting with Palestinian Islamic Jihad, is one piece of evidence that current US policy is unrealistic about the level of cooperation that can be expected from the Islamic Republic.

Iran: Increasing Presence, Visibility in IS Conflict

By INU staff

INU - While some Iranian regional ambitions have been pursued through trade agreements and arguably through economic imposition on weaker neighbors, its more notable regional imperialism has been purely military. Critics of the regime allege that its presence in Iraq, fighting the Sunni militants of the Islamic State, only serves Iran’s goal of keeping hold on a Shiite government in Baghdad.

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