Kuwait has been very patient with regard to its neighbor’s intransigence and acts that hurts with Kuwait’s national security. Iran’s behavior has been the same since the sectarian regime came to power in 1979 and the Khomeini era began.
But there are questions craving for attention. Who blew up the convoy of Kuwait’s former and late Emir Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad? Who blew up Kuwait’s popular cafes? Who hijacked a passenger aircraft? Who recruited the Kuwaiti cell in Mecca? Who established the Khomeini terrorist cell in Kuwait, known as the Abdali cell?
In August 2015, Kuwaiti interior ministry said that a number of suspects who possessed weapons were arrested. The seized weapons were found in a farm in Abdali near the Iraqi borders and in houses owned by the suspects and included 19 tons of ammunition, 144 kilograms of explosives, 68 different types of arms, 204 grenades and electric detonators.
At the time, the Iranian embassy issued a statement condemning the Kuwaiti interior ministry. This upset many Kuwaitis and they have every right to be angry. The Iranian foreign ministry has today condemned Kuwait and threatened it following its recent “sovereign” measure, which it took after the Kuwaiti judiciary made a decision regarding the terrorists of the Abdali cell.

Iranian boats

The cell’s members are being pursued and monitored. Following reports that they escaped on board Iranian boats and headed to the Khomeini republic.
Let us also recall the attack on the Bahraini Jaw Prison last January, which was meant to break out members of a terrorist cell after killing a Bahraini policeman. The plan failed after Bahrain’s security forces captured the wrongdoers before they reached the Shetan shore.
Kuwait has for decades been lenient with its neighbor. Partisan political figures supporting the Khomeini republic – such as famous MP Abdul-Hamid Dashti – have enjoyed decent margin of activity in Kuwait. A while ago, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah al-Khaled went to Tehran to mediate between Iran and the Gulf countries. But at the end of it all, this is how Iran has rewarded Kuwait.
Kuwait’s official statement voiced, “Regret over the negative developments in relations between the two countries.” This is not the first crisis to erupt between Kuwait and Tehran, as there have been other developments, one of which happened five years ago.
The moot point is that Iranian intransigence will not end until it destroys everything. According to their fatal illusion, they think they are God’s representatives. This is the unfortunate reality.
Iran is not a country that one can reach an understanding with. The best solution is a “truce” as for peace, yet there isn’t any.