Iran has tactical advisers from its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) across Syria and they will lead the battles, often from the front line. Iran is also training thousands of fighters in Syria from many of its militias and proxy groups. Furthermore, Iran is introducing drones and other new technologies to keep its eye on its enemies.

If there is a war between Iran and Israel, it will be a regional one. Iran will continue to use Syria and it will likely be the front for a war between the two nations. Anti-Israel ally of Iran, Hezbollah, will no doubt be fighting alongside Iran.

Leaders of the Iranian regime have spoken about its axis of resistance against Israeli and American influence. Iran is using local forces, enticing them with expertise, training and financial backing, to help it in its quest because it knows that the Israeli military is far superior and will have no trouble bombing Iran’s military hardware and territory.

Central to Iran’s launch towards regional hegemony is the land corridor from Iran to the Mediterranean via Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Iran plans to transport weapons across the corridor and it is likely that it has intentions to build weapons factories along the way.

The United States and other nations are extremely concerned that Iran’s use of proxy groups and militias is getting out of hand. President Trump’s National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster recently said: “So the time is now, we think, to act against Iran.”

Without Iran’s intervention in Syria, Bashar al Assad’s forces would have quickly collapsed.

Iran relies heavily on its militias and it is counting on their support for future conflicts. Iran is trying to give the appearance of being strong and a force to be reckoned with, but this is all false bravado.

The Iranian regime in actually in a position of extreme weakness. At the end of December, the people of Iran took to the streets to protest their economic situation. However, the protests quickly turned into anti-government demonstrations and the leadership, in a state of panic, responded by arresting thousands of protesters.

The regime’s biggest failure is that the young people of Iran who have grown up under the current dictatorship and know no other leadership are even rejecting the regime. Faced with its failures at home, the Iranian regime is trying to save face by exporting the crisis.

However, the people of Iran are right – regime change is the only solution. Not only will the people of Iran finally be able to enjoy human rights and freedom, but the whole of the region will benefit from regime change in Iran.