While tensions have long simmered between Saudi Arabia and Iran, this latest provocation seems to be part of the larger pressure between the two countries, including clashes in Lebanon and Iraq. Saudi Arabia seems determined to stop the Iranian regime’s expansionist moves.

Jubair also provided details explaining how the missile was smuggled into Yemen in parts and assembled by Hezbollah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps operatives and fired by Hezbollah from Yemen.

As well, it has previously been reported that the U.S., Saudi, and other coalition naval warships have periodically caught Iranian fishing and commercial vessels smuggling weapons, ammunition and parts to Yemen from Iran.

An official league source told Egypt’s MENA state news agency that Saudi Arabia has called for an urgent meeting of Arab League foreign ministers in Cairo next week, to discuss Iran’s intervention in the region.

The call reportedly came after the resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister. On Sunday night, in a dramatic television interview Saad Hariri alluded to Iran’s involvement with Hezbollah in Lebanon as his reason for resigning. “I am not against Hezbollah as a political party but it should not be the cause of the destruction of Lebanon,” Hariri said. He also cited fear for his life, but said the decision was his alone, and that his goal was to cause “a positive shock” to draw Lebanon’s attention to the dangers it was facing. Hariri also claimed that he would return to Lebanon “very soon,” and might withdraw his resignation if Hezbollah respects Lebanon’s policy of staying out of regional conflicts.

When the French President visited the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Macron said, “The missile which was intercepted by Saudi Arabia launched from Yemen, which obviously is an Iranian missile, shows precisely the strength of their” program. “There are extremely strong concerns about Iran” among its Arab neighbors in the Persian Gulf region over the missile launch, and “there are negotiations we need to start on Iran’s ballistic missiles,” he said.