Clashes have been going on in the Dhi Qar (Nasiriyah) province since last night between Iraqi people and the security forces affiliated with the Iranian regime.

People and youth blocked the routes. According to reports received last night in Nasiriyah, six people were killed and more than 100 were injured. The injured were taken to hospitals. Iranian regime-affiliated forces known as the Shaghab forces fired at the people.

  • In Basra, youth and people blocked roads and clashed with security forces. Films from the streets since this morning shows that there is a fierce clash between security forces and the people of Basra.
  • Students in different provinces have been gathering since the early morning and moving towards the strike fields in the provinces, especially in Tahrir Square.
  • In Nasiriyah, people closed the link between Sheikh Bazaar and the Sayed Masqa Jamaluddin Square.
  • In Wasit province, the main bridges are blocked by people.
  • The main streets and bridges are closed in Basra.
  • In Diyala, students of Maqdadiyah have moved into the main square of the city.
  • Babylon students moved into the city’s main square.
  • Students in the al-Doura district of Baghdad took to the streets to reach Tahrir Square in Baghdad.
  • Security forces in Muthanna prevented students and people from gathering to join the civil strike.
  • In Diwaniyah, people and students gathered in the center of the city and chanted slogans.
  • Students at the University of Technology in Baghdad began their strike by moving into the main square.


A new scene in Iraq’s protests against the corruption and the government is flaming, Sky News reported. The historic Rashid Street, the oldest street in Baghdad, is witnessing clashes between government force and protesters calling for the government to leave. The security forces are using tear gas and live ammunition to confront the people.

Al-Arabiya wrote about the clashes in Iraq, “Baghdad and Nasiriyah in Blood and Clashes in Karbala”: Saturday night clashes started in Karbala’s squares. At least two people were killed during clashes between demonstrators and security forces in the two cities of Baghdad and Nasiriyah.

Civilian activists have captured photos of al-Wathba Square showing security forces firing tear gas and live ammunition at demonstrators and there is a serious conflict between them. Eventually, security forces succeeded in regaining control of al-Sennak Bridge in Baghdad, pushing back the demonstrators to al-Wathba Square near this bridge.

According to Iraqi security sources, the clashes left one person dead and several others injured. Earlier, a demonstrator was killed, and more than ten others were injured in bloody clashes near al-Aharar bridge, according to the Associated Press

Clashes in Nasiriyah and Karbala

Sources said one person was killed and 10 were suffocated by tear gas during clashes between security forces and demonstrators in Nasiriyah in southern Iraq. Protesters in the city of Bataa in western Nasiriyah were able to block the road leading to al-Samawa province with burning tires, but security forces were able to disperse the demonstrators and reopen the road.

According to reports, some demonstrators succeeded in closing and controlling the Nusra Bridge in Karbala.

Clashes broke out between security forces and hundreds of demonstrators in the streets and main squares of downtown Karbala as demonstrators threw stones at security forces standing behind barriers leading to government buildings.