The regime has a knack of manipulating and ensuring the other party does not realise until it is too late. This is the case with the regime’s involvement in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and Iraq.

Iran and its allies continue to offend and provoke governments that oppose the regime. The Iranian regime has provoked the United States on many occasions during Obama’s time in office, and it has now started to provoke President Trump’s administration. 

President Trump started his presidency with some loud signals and actions. It is probably to establish enough popularity to confront his many rivals in Congress and the media. His people have told him that they are greatly concerned about the number of foreigners entering the United States. Hence the wall between the US and Mexico. His people have also said that they are greatly concerned about terrorism. Hence the ban on citizens from seven Islamic countries where there are current incidences of terrorism from entering the country for three months. His people oppose the American companies that have factories outside the country. Hence the fines these companies will get for importing goods. 

Some say that Trump cannot be labelled as anti-Muslim. He is building a wall to keep out Mexicans – most of whom are Christians. He also plans to deport illegal residents – most of whom are not Muslims. There are 57 Muslim countries and only seven of them are affected by the temporary travel ban. Furthermore, the reason for the selection of these seven countries is because of the weak central authorities they each have, which makes it difficult to deal with on a security level. 

It must also be noted that terrorism exists much further afield than these seven countries – and not just in Muslim countries. Terrorism exists in France, Belgium, and many more Western countries. The difference is that their governments are cooperative and have the measures in place to deal with immigration. 

The United States has become very successful through its history of immigrants. However, as in many countries, the poor and unemployed often reject foreigners who they see as taking opportunities and benefits away from them. 

President Trump vowed to help these people during the election campaign. 

Dealing with Iran, or more specifically not cooperating with Iran, is something Trump will need to do carefully because the regime has allies and puppets that will act against the US in the name of Islam.