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Washington Post: The world’s attention is focused on Russia, but a critical deadline in the nuclear talks with Iran is fast approaching. On July 20, time will be up — or will it? — for a final deal on Iran’s illicit nuclear program.

In a meeting with high-level clerics and other political elites on Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made clear his confidence in the Iranian position at the nuclear negotiating table.

Fox News: Rudy Giuliani (is the former Mayor of the City of New York)-The nuclear negotiation between Iran and the West is among the most important foreign policy issues facing the Obama Administration. In the U.S. government’s own assessment, Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

“We’re kept almost completely in the dark,” said one senior House aide familiar with the new legislation. “Little if any evidence has been provided to members of Congress, let alone the American public, to suggest that Iran is complying with the deal. There is, however, a great deal of proof that sanctions relief has put Iran’s economy on an unmistakable road to recovery.”

Iranian media is reporting that UN inspectors have been granted access to the Saghand uranium mine in central Iran, and that plans have been worked out as to how that mine will be monitored. However, this story comes only days after Iran’s atomic energy organization denied inspectors access to a suspected facility at Parchin. The contrasting events suggest that the regime is once again cherry-picking the sites that it opens to inspectors – a strategy that derailed negotiations soon after the Iranian nuclear program became a cause for Western concerns about a decade ago.

The New York Times: By KENNETH M. POLLACK — The United States and its allies have finally begun to work out the terms of a nuclear deal with Iran. That’s hopeful because an agreement that forecloses Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons would be enormously beneficial.

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