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Enigmatic Iranian military man at center of U.N. nuclear investigation

VIENNA (Reuters), By Fredrik Dahl-  He is believed to top the list of elusive Iranian officials the U.N. nuclear watchdog wants to query. Exiled foes of the Islamic state cite him as the mastermind of clandestine efforts to design an atomic bomb. Tehran is mum about him, while denying having any nuclear arms agenda.

US Rejects Attempts to Link Iraq Crisis and Nuclear Talks

As Sunni and other opposition groups continue to threaten the US-created and Tehran-allied government of Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq, American officials have signaled willingness to share information and perhaps coordinate strategy with their traditional enemies in the Iranian government. In spite of this, it is clear that there are strict limits being placed upon how much that coordination would be permitted to affect US policy towards Iran. 

Latest Round of Nuclear Talks Conclude

On Friday, Iran and the P5+1 group of nations – the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, and China – wrapped up their fifth round of talks over Iran’s nuclear program. Going into the start of this round on Monday, there were already considerable doubts about the prospects for a final deal in time for the self-imposed deadline of July 20. With the week’s discussions ended, those doubts do not seem to be alleviated in any very significant way. 

Amb. Ross: U.S. Policy on Iran Causing Discomfort Among Allies, Must Be Balanced

The Obama administration’s approach toward nuclear talks with Iran is generating unease among Washington’s traditional Arab and Israeli allies – and will at a minimum need to be counterbalanced by robust pushback against other elements of Iran’s foreign policy -  testimony submitted last Thursday to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations by veteran American diplomacy Ambassador Dennis Ross:

Iran: Threats and the Nuclear Deal

The Obama administration’s decision to take a generous view of Iranian oil exports and the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) may be motivated by the administration’s desperate desire to see a nuclear deal brokered successfully.

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