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World must not allow a nuclear Iran, Rudy Guiliani warns

 He also hailed the Iranian Resistance and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as the only real alternative to the barbarity of the mullahs ruling in Tehran.

And he called for urgent protection for Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty whose lives were at risk of attack every day.

He said: “They’re sitting in Liberty and they’re being picked off as if they’re in a shooting gallery, because the United Nations and I say this with the deepest regret, my country, has broken their promise to them.

“Every one of these people who has been murdered … has a piece of paper signed by the United States of America guaranteeing them protection. That is a sacred promise.”

And he said of the nuclear talks between the West and Iran: “The basis of this negotiation has always been until it was shifted in the interim agreement: No nuclear capacity for Iran. Iran does not need nuclear reactors. Iran does not need the peaceful use of nuclear power. Iran has plenty of power.

“They want it so they can be a nuclear power, so they can assert themselves, so they can do what they’ve been doing, which is taking over Iraq, taking over Syria, see how far they can go. See how big their kingdom can become.

“Iran has to give up any form of nuclear power. No, we shouldn’t be measuring the amount of enrichment. You know why? There should be nothing to enrich.”

He added about the threat from ISIS: “Finally, we have to see the connection between the different forms, so-called different forms of Islamic extremist terrorism.

“And we have to be smart enough to understand that as we try to wipe out ISIS and Al Qaeda to the extent that it still exists, that we don’t do it just to make Iran more powerful, stronger, have greater hegemony.

“I believe Iran is more dangerous than ISIS. We don’t need Iran to wipe out ISIS. The United States of America is still the greatest military power in the history of the world.

“We have the capacity to wipe out ISIS. And what we should say to the mullahs and the ayatollahs and the crooks and murderers and bums who run Iran, ‘We don’t want you as part of our coalition’.”


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