He said: “Don’t write that Zarif was angry, if I don’t shout, you wouldn’t hear me. They say that Zarif was angry. See, I’m laughing. I’m not angry at all. I’m not distressed at all… It was the Americans who sanctioned a foreign minister of a country with which they want to negotiate. They sanctioned the highest authority in the Islamic Republic being the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei… if the Americans want to bully us… they should at least tell us what they want.”

President Hassan Rouhani echoed this on August 7, who railed against the US at the same time the he begged for negotiations.

Rouhani said: “They [US] came and proposed negotiations with no pre-conditions. Later they sanctioned the supreme leader, so how could we negotiate! You [US] know our constitution, based on which the Supreme Leader is the highest authority in this country that supervises our international relations. In addition, you called for negotiations with no pre-conditions, then you sanctioned our foreign minister; so how could we negotiate! We have said repeatedly that we seek negotiations and we underline it once more, and if the US is after negotiations, it has to waive all the sanctions. Whether it’s within the framework of the nuclear deal or out of it, it’s the US’ choice.”

But why are the mullahs so scared? Because this is the most pressure ever put on the Iranian Regime in its 40 years of existence, something Rouhani also admitted to in a speech on August 10.

After all, oil exports, which were the main source of income for the regime, have dropped from 1.5 million to 100,000 barrels a day because of US sanctions. They’ve also suffered various political setbacks, but these sanctions against Khamenei and Zarif are the final blow.

At the same time, anti-regime demonstrations have taken place around the world, before and after the Free Iran rally held in Ashraf 3 in July. These highlighted that there is a strong and credible alternative to this regime.

The Iranian people are also taking part in a nationwide uprising against the Regime, which is certain to soon overthrow the mullahs.