This is wrong. The alternative to the Regime is the Middle East’s oldest, largest, and most popular resistance organization, having fought two separate regimes since it was founded in 1965. That is the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

The problem is that the Regime spend so much money and effort to convince the world that the MEK is not capable of running Iran, has no support, has moral flaws that exceed the Regime’s, or anything else that will discredit the MEK.

This short series will look at the Regime’s disinformation campaigns and the truth hidden behind them. In this part, we will learn about how the Regime’s disinformation campaigns and how the MEK is also popular outside of Iran.

The Iranian Regime and its apologists in the West don’t want to openly acknowledge just how big of a threat the MEK is to the mullahs’ continued rule, so they downplay the MEK’s significance. The Regime claims that the MEK is “viewed negatively by most Iranians” and has “virtually no support among the Iranian population”, which we learnt in part one were massive lies.

If the MEK and its pro-democracy agenda did not have broad public support in Iran, then the Regime would not need to spend a lot of time and money to counter the MEK’s influence. The Regime regularly broadcasts TV shows that demonize the MEK, stages anti-MEK exhibitions across Iran, and publishes anti-MEK books. The Regime have even established several associations to vilify the MEK, alongside attack websites that disperse false and malicious stories about the MEK on a daily basis.

The Regime even makes sure to end every Friday prayer meeting and government rally with the disgusting chant “Death to the monafeghi”, a derogatory term for the MEK, which means hypocrite.

Worse still, the Regime has an active program to coerce MEK sympathizers to serve as undercover agents in the intelligence ministry (MOIS). These agents are sent to the West to distribute disinformation about the MEK to government officials, NGOs, and the media in order to weaken the MEK’s influence in the US and Europe; actions confirmed in reports by European intelligence organizations.

The MEK’s popularity goes far beyond Iran’s borders, with the MEK routinely holding a free Iran gathering In Europe. This year, it was held at the Ashraf 3 compound in Albania and was attended by more than 350 dignitaries from 47 countries, as well as thousands of MEK supporters.

MEK supporters include attorneys general, FBI directors, foreign ministers, governors, human rights advocates, Joint Chiefs of Staff, members of Congress, parliamentary members, prime ministers, and military and intelligence officers. They pledge their support for the Iranian Resistance’s 10 Point Plan for a secular, democratic government in a Free Iran.