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Ali Larijani the Hybrid Candidate

Ali Larijani is a principlist politician and former military officer in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, who served as the Speaker of the Parliament from 2008 to 2020.

Ali Larijani is among the candidates of the thirteenth presidential election in Iran this is scheduled for June 18. Larijani was previously the speaker of the regime’s parliament for 12 years.

Now he and Iran’s state media are presenting him as perhaps the primary candidate of the regime’s so-called reformist faction. But it should be noted that in this rule he is one of the most loyal to the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, and if not, he would not have been able to sit on one of the country’s power chairs as the parliament speaker.

One of the state-run media Asr-e-Emrooz explained this person in an interesting and remarkable way, which also depicts the regime’s political situation:

  1. Ali Larijani is a hybrid person, and on this basis the traditional and counterfeit reformists, principlists and the circumspect nobles have agreed on him, and the rest of the people are just background actors. And poor Jahangiri also plays the role of a stuntman because he does not have the weight of the main actor.
  2. Larijani has rendered valuable services to the government, especially to [President Hassan] Rouhani, during his presidency of the parliament, while he signed the JCPOA within 20 minutes at the request of Rouhani, he did not pay any attention to the 28 important objections of the leadership to the JCPOA.
  3. He ignored the shortcomings and inefficiencies of the government and victimized the people.
  4. Regarding Rouhani’s questioning and impeachment in 2019, while Rouhani was unable to answer five questions and was able to answer only one question, the legal process in the form of political and managerial inadequacy of the presidency should be considered through the judiciary process. But Mr. Larijani disturbed the essence of the matter and Rouhani survived the impeachment. Eventually, history will judge, and the hidden truths will be revealed to the people as to what has befallen them.
  5. Ali Larijani is sometimes a principlist and sometimes a reformist, depending on which market is hotter, so because today Rouhani’s ladder is broken and the reformists have fallen from it and their legs are broken, they no longer have the reputation to defend their actions and are not welcomed by the people, so the best option to revive and survive in the current critical period of the country is Ali Larijani and no one else.
  6. People, know the real principlists and revolutionaries, whose whole concern and grief is to solve the problems of the people, and this time they do not accept any counterfeit person.
  7. Appearances, according to [Foreng Minister Mohammad Javad] Zarif’s audio file and Rouhani’s opposition with the Guardian Council and Larijani’s literature on the day of registration shows that another sedition is on the way and we will surely have a strange defection and scandal like in 1988 among the nobles and people will be aware of the hidden facts.

At the end of these paragraphs by this outlet which is reflecting the regime’s political stagnation in both of its factions and its presidential election, that even the most loyal persons to the regime especially to the supreme leader are not recognized anymore as principlists by calling them ‘hybrid persons’, this media added:

“In the end, it is mentioned that Ali Larijani had said on the day of registration that the country’s economy is not a barracks and a court. This dialogue, is the continuation of the same cunning literature of Rouhani in 2013, who said: ‘I am not a colonel, I am a lawyer’, and in 2017 he also said that if Mr. [Ebrahim] Raisi comes, they will build a wall between a man and a woman in the middle of the streets and there will be a war etc.” (Asr Emrooz, May 19, 2021)

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